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The Artist

If you're looking for something a little bit different then The Artist is for you. With tantalising and experimental food from a young Dutch chef...

La Bonne Bouche Bucharest

La Bonne Bouche

This is our personal favourite and one that hasn’t failed us yet! In the heart of Lipscani, the bistro’s location couldn’t be better, the décor is divine with bookcases...

Caru cu Bere Bucharest Romania

Caru’ cu Bere

This is typically the first point of call for any visitor to Bucharest. Worth visiting for the stunning interior alone, which boasts painted ceilings and ornate woodwork...

Prato Restaurant Brasov


Classy yet unpretentious, the walls are adorned with bright, surrealist pieces of art and the bar is decked out with big bottles of spirits and wine glasses...

Ice Restaurant Ice Hotel Transylvania Romania

Ice Restaurant

Don’t miss the opportunity to diner in the first and only Ice Restaurant in the world! Set within the magical setting of the Ice Hotel’s main hall with its frozen vaulted ceiling and...




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