• The Danube Delta Experience
  • The Danube Delta Experience
  • The Danube Delta Experience
  • The Danube Delta Experience


The Overview

Discover Europe’s largest wetland and one of the most beautiful places on Earth on the wonderful Danube Delta Experience. An area of sheer wild beauty surrounded by an abundance of nature, the Danube Delta is a naturalists paradise with endless waterways inhabited by herons, pelicans and cormorants, and narrow canals lined with floating reeds and sparkling water lilies.

After a night in Bucharest, the adventure begins with a transfer by boat from Tulcea into the depths of the delta to the small fishing village of Crisan where you’ll feast on freshly caught fish surrounded by the panoramic sounds of nature at a sunset barbeque. The next day is spent venturing to the Ukrainian village of Letea by boat through the untouched landscape of the Old Danube Delta where guests are welcomed for a traditional homemade lunch on the edge of the wild forest of Letea where herds of wild horses rove the deserted plains pausing to drink from shallow pools of water.

Spend the next few days relaxing in the peace and quiet of sleepy Sfantu Gheroghe and enjoy a plethora of nature and water-based activities including fishing, kayaking and birdwatching. Head down to the wild sandy beach for some warm sunshine, explore the fishing village by foot or simply enjoy the grounds and facilities of Green Village. The experience also includes a boat trip to the Sachalin Peninsula, one of the most important spots for breeding and migration in the Delta where guests will witness flocks of white and Dalmatian pelicans.

Wild, wonderful and utterly undiscovered.


The Experience

Day 1: Arrival in Bucharest followed by an airport transfer to your boutique accommodation in the heart of the Lipscani district. Spend the rest of the day enjoying the laid back atmosphere of the old town with its collection of bars, cafes and bistros

Day 2: Morning transfer to Tulcea before travelling into the depths of the Danube Delta by boat all the way to the small fishing village of Crisan where you can enjoy the sights and sounds of the Delta and a barbecue at sunset featuring freshly caught fish

Day 3: Day spent in and around Crisan with the opportunity to get involved in some fishing, kayaking down the narrow water canals or simply enjoying the sunshine by the pool

Day 4: Transfer to Letea by boat via the Old Danube Delta stopping for a traditional lunch in the village along with a short excursion to the forest of Letea where you may well be able to spot wild horses. After lunch, the boat travels to the fishing town of Sulina for a drink and a wander before heading onwards to Sfantu Gheorghe

Day 5: Day spent in Sfantu Gheorghe at your leisure. Head down to the wild beach for some sunshine, explore the village or simply enjoy the luxurious facilities at Green Village including swimming pool, outdoor cinema, gym and billiard room

Day 6: Day in Sfantu Gheorghe including a bird watching excursion by boat to the Sachalin Peninsula – one of the most important spots for migration and breeding in the Delta. Witness flocks of white and Dalmatian pelicans along with many other types of bird and wildlife

Day 7: Boat transfer to Mahmudia in time for lunch before beginning the journey back to Bucharest by car then enjoy dinner in Bucharest for your final night

Day 8: Transfer to Bucharest airport for return flight


The Price

The price for this experience includes:

Includes   Transfers Airport pick-up and drop-off, all in-country boat and road transfers

Includes   Accommodation 2 nights boutique B&B accommodation in Bucharest, 2 nights B&B accommodation in the fishing village of Crisan, 3 nights B&B accommodation in Sfantu Gheorghe

Includes   Activities Traditional Delta lunch in Letea, boat excursion to the Sachalin Peninsula

Includes   Other The services of a bi-lingual guide, the Danube Delta Experience booklet, welcome drink

For up-to-date prices, booking and enquiries please click here.


Group Numbers: 2 – 12 people

Please note that the trip may not be suitable for very young children given journey times of longer than an hour, and possible disturbance to others travelling in the group. If you’re unsure, please don’t hesitate to get in touch as we can always tailor something specific to your needs.


The Gallery


The mighty Danube River flows 1,788 miles from its springs in Germany’s Black Forest to the Black Sea. Just before reaching the Black Sea, it forms the second largest and best preserved of Europe’s deltas and with 2,200 square miles of rivers, canals, marshes, tree-fringed lakes and reed islands it really is a nature-lover’s paradise!

Teaming with the highest concentration of bird colonies in all of Europe, the maze of canals bordered by thatch, willows and oaks entangled in lianas, offers the perfect breeding ground for countless species of birds, some of them from as far away as China and Africa. Huge numbers of Egyptian white pelicans arrive here every spring to raise their young, while equal numbers of Arctic geese come here to escape the harsh winters of Northern Europe.

Some 300 species of birds make Danube’s Delta their home; the best time to sea them being from early spring to late summer. But birds are not the only inhabitants of the Delta. There is also a rich community of fish and animals from wildcats, foxes and wolves, to boars, deer and wild horses. Altogether 3,450 animal species can be seen here as well as 1,700 plant species.

Facts & Figures

The Danube Delta Channels

The Danube Delta is comprised of an intricate network of waterways and lakes divided between the three main estuary channels of the Danube. Tulcea is located at the tip of the three channels and is the starting point from which you’ll explore the Delta. The channels or bratuls are named after their respective ports: Chilia (in the north), Sulina (in the middle), and Sfantu Gheorghe (in the south).

The Chilia Channel: The Chilia Channel represents the youngest of the Danube Delta branches and extends 72 miles along the Ukrainian border with several villages scattered along its shores including the settlement of Chilia Veche, which used to be a Greek colony, stretches for some 72 miles along the border with Ukraine and has the greatest flow of water (approximately 60%) of the three arms. Interestingly enough, a few centuries ago the port of Chilia was located directly on the Black Sea and was vital in connecting Europe to the Orient while nowadays it lies more than 25 miles from the sea! The channel is also home to the Ukrainian village of Letea and its protected forest.

The Sulina Channel: Stretching 42 miles from Tulcea to Sulina, the Sulina Channel is the shortest of the three bratuls encompassing the port of Sulina which, despite carrying only 18% of the total water flow in the Danube Delta, still represents the main navigation route for all through traffic. The fishing village of Crisan is also located on the Sulina Channel and was made accessible due to the canal that was dug up to ease river traffic between 1880 and 1902.

The Sfantu Gheorghe Channel: Stretching some 67 miles and carrying 23% of the Danube’s total water flow, the Sfantu Gheorghe channel is home to a number of little fishing villages along its banks including the pretty village of Sfantu Gheorghe where you’re likely to be based.


The Season

The Danube Delta bursts into life every spring when hundreds of birds begin their migration to the area in May. From this point onwards, the delta teams with wonderful wildlife until the end of September when the bird migration takes place at the beginning of autumn. Although it is possible to visit the Danube Delta outside of these times, the weather can be a bit miserable and most establishments shut up shop until the spring arrives.

Thanks to its proximity to the Black Sea and the humidity emitted from the large surface area of water, the climate during the season in the delta is predominately continental with lovely warm summers and long sunny days. In fact, with only 18 inches of rainfall each year you’re unlikely to encounter a drop of rain on your trip!

However, despite the high temperatures in summer, it is highly advisable to pack some warmer items of clothing for the evenings which can get a little chilly and also for days out on the boat to protect against any wind chill. 

The Months

May: The last month in spring is one of the loveliest times of year to visit the Danube Delta as it corresponds to the migrations. The temperature is pleasant and the mosquitoes are yet to arrive. The perfect time if you’re serious about your birdwatching.

June: June is our second favourite time of year to visit the delta, behind May and September when the birds start their migrations. You’ll have warm sunny days on the water and cool breezy nights. Simply divine.

July & August: In the full swing of summer, visiting the Danube Delta in July and August affords long hot sunny days and blue skies but you’ll also have to deal with the mosquitoes. There are more crowds in the summertime than in spring or autumn but you’ll have lots of peace and quiet in the sleepy fishing villages of Crisan, Letea and Sfantu Gheorghe.

September: Along with May, the first month of autumn is the best time to visit to Danube Delta as you’ll witness the bird migration as they leave for warmer climes. If you’re an avid birdwatcher then this is the month to get yourself out here!


The Duration & The Calendar

The Danube Delta Experience takes place over seven nights and eight days and typically commences every Saturday during the season. However, the arrival and departure times of your chosen flights may well affect the exact duration of your stay. Many use the flexibility of booking their own flights to add an additional night or two (or three) in Bucharest at the beginning and/or end of the experience to make the very most of their time in Romania.

The calendar on the BOOK NOW page shows exactly when trips are available throughout the season. As well as displaying which trip dates are fully booked or available, the calendar also highlights specific dates that have been discounted or are on special offer. Click here to see available dates and rates on our calendar >



The Highlights

There are hundreds of reasons why we think you would be mad not to experience the Danube Delta but here are a few of our personal trip highlights to help persuade you…

The Wildlife: Wildlife, wildlife and more wildlife, with flora and fauna in abundance. The Danube Delta hosts 98% of European aquatic fauna. This means over 3,400 animal species, the vast majority are unique to the world; approximately 300 bird species, most declared natural monuments; around 160 fish species; a vast array of mammals including fox, wild cat, wolf, bear, wild boars and water snakes; and over 1,150 plant species.

The Last Remaining Wilderness: As a biosphere reserve, the Danube Delta is a wild but fragile paradise. In fact, several areas have been declared official natural reservations and the delta itself is part of the United Nations’ list of natural monuments. Its patchwork of channels, streamlets, lakes and marshes can only truly be explored by boat making it an incredibly remote area and the epitome of sheer wild beauty.

The Traditional Fishing Villages: The Danube Delta’s sleepy fishing villages are like remnants of an ancestral world and represent one of our top experience highlights. Located in the heart of the delta community, the tiny fishing villages of Crisan, Sfantu Gheorghe and Letea offer an authentic insight into the traditional way of life in this area where the local people make their living from fishing. It’s no surprise then that fresh fish features on the delta menu and you’ll be treated to a traditional lunch at the Ukrainian village of Letea where you’ll sample their famous sour fish soup (ciorba de peste) which is typically served with big chunks of sturgeon, carp or pike and sprinkled with chili pepper or garlic.

The Birds: The vast array of birds in the Danube Delta deserves a special mention. With more than 300 species of migratory and resident birds including eagles, egrets, vultures, geese, cranes, ibises, cormorants, swans and pelicans, the Danube Delta is the ultimate bird-watchers’ paradise.


The Motivation

Whether it’s for a quiet retreat or for a week of solid birdwatching, the Danube Delta Experience is perfect if you’re looking for the following things:

To Walk On The Wild Side, Clear Out The Cobwebs & For The Great Outdoors: Some 300 species of birds make Danube’s Delta their home; the best time to see them being from early spring to late summer. But birds are not the only inhabitants of the Delta. There is also a rich community of fish and animals from wildcats, foxes and wolves, to boars, deer and wild horses. Altogether, 3,450 animal species can be seen here, as well as 1,700 plant species. If that’s not enough to be getting on with, we don’t know what is!

To Escape, Get Away From It All & For Peace & Quiet: Sleepy fishing villages, relaxing excursions out on the water and lazy days drifting through peaceful waterways, this trip is perfect for anyone hankering for some time out away from the hustle and bustle of everyday life.

For Sunshine: The weather in the Danube Delta is lovely in the summer with long, warm days and cool evenings so you’re bound to catch a good dose of sunshine. With plenty of time on the boat, swimming pools at your accommodation and the wild beach at Sfantu Gheorghe, you’ll be taking advantage of the vitamin D and golden sunshine.

For Birdwatching & The Bucket List: Especially relevant for birdwatchers and nature enthusiasts, a trip to the mighty Danube Delta is a once in a lifetime opportunity and a real box ticker. With over 300 species of bird on offer, twitchers will be in their very own natural paradise!

For Quality Time: The vast majority of the trip is spent on the water exploring the narrow waterways and canals, spotting colourful birds and admiring the wildlife. This makes it ideal for some quality time with someone special and father and son bonding time ijn particular.


The Grapevine

Don’t just take our word for it, have a read of what our clients have to say about their experiences on the trip.

‘I had a great trip to the delta with my son Joseph last month – many thanks for the recommendation’ – Ian, August 2013 (2nd UTP Experience)

‘We are having an absolutely wonderful time experiencing the delta. Well done!’ – Carol, September 2013 (3rd UTP Experience)


The Booking Process

So you’ve found the perfect experience for you… what happens next? Once you’ve chosen the dates you’d like to travel on using our availability calendar all you need to do is head over to the booking page and fill in your details where necessary on the enquiry form. We’ll get back to you as soon as possible, usually within 24 hours, answering any questions you may have and confirming availability for the experience over the dates you’ve enquired about. If that’s all good to go, we’ll hold your places for you and ask you to look into booking your return flights.

Once you’ve booked your flights please send us over the details via email including flight times, numbers and departure airports. We’ll then process your booking and send you an RBS payment link for the deposit or full balance depending on how soon you’re travelling. If your trip departs in less than 6 weeks we require full payment in order to guarantee your places on the experience, however if you are travelling in more than 6 weeks we will only take a 25% deposit at the time of booking. The outstanding balance is then taken 6 weeks before your departure date.

After your payment has been received we’ll send you confirmation of your booking along with a personalised trip itinerary, information pack and any other appropriate materials. All you need to do now is write the dates in your diary, prepare your packing list and look forward to your next adventure!


The Flights

As a tour operator we are not able to offer inclusive flights as part of our experiences however we are more than happy to help you find the most appropriate incoming and outgoing flights for you. We highly recommend using Skyscanner to find the cheapest flights. If the widget below plays up for whatever reason just head over to the website here.

All the listed airlines fly directly in and out of the arrival and departure airports for this experience. Airport pick-ups and drop-offs on this experience are 100% flexible allowing you the freedom to arrive and depart at any time you choose on the trip dates whether that be at 2 o’clock in the morning or 11 o’clock at night. For those wanting to book additional nights at the beginning or end of the trip please note that your private airport pick-up and drop-off will still be included provided that you book your accommodation for the extra nights directly through us. If not you will need to organise your own transfers to and from the airport. Please contact us if you need advice or assistance.

[One Half]

London to Bucharest

EasyJet (Gatwick)

British Airways (Heathrow)

Air Tarom (Heathrow)

Wizz Air (Luton)

Blue Air (Luton)

Ryan Air (Stansted)

Liverpool to Bucharest

Blue Air

[/One Half]

Dublin to Bucharest

Aer Lingus

Blue Air


The Personality

This experience is suitable for all ages and tastes from the young to the young at heart. It also matches with the below travel personalities and groups:

The Nature Enthusiast, The Wildlife Warrior, The Twitcher & The Animal Lover: With 98% of European aquatic fauna, the Danube Delta is the ultimate paradise for those interested in flora and fauna. Hosting over 3,400 animal species, approximately 300 bird species, around 160 fish species, over 1,150 plant species and vast array of mammals including fox, wild cat, wolf, and wild boar the place is bursting to the brim with nature.

The Explorer & The Free Spirit: If you’re into your nature and exploring the wonderful world of ours then the Danube Delta is an excellent place to start, continue or end.


The Group

As the Danube Delta is largely explored by boat, the size of group we recommend is no more than six at a time. While we can certainly provide for larger parties, please be aware that this will often mean splitting the group up into smaller numbers in order to facilitate travel on the water through the delta’s narrow canals. We think the Danube Delta Experience is perfect for the following types of group.

The Friends: Ideal for quality time with a small handful of your favourite people, the Danube Delta Experience represents a wonderful excuse to connect not only with the natural surroundings but also with those you care about most. We can cater for groups of up to six friends.

The Family: This trip is the ideal opportunity to share some quality time together. Children will adore the close interaction with nature and adults can enjoy the peace and quiet of the delta’s sleepy fishing villages. However, please note that the trip may not be suitable for very young children given journey times of longer than an hour, and possible disturbance to others travelling in the group. If you’re unsure, please don’t hesitate to get in touch as we can always tailor something specific to your needs.

The Couple: Enjoy a romantic escape to this stunning wilderness with your better half or share the experience with some of your other paired up friends.


The Trip Assistance

Hands-On Experience: As a Hands-On Experience, you’ll be taken care of from the moment you touch down in the country to the moment you leave.Your transfers to and from the airport coincide with your flights so it doesn’t matter what time you arrive or depart, all you need to do is send us your flight details and we’ll sort out the rest. While you’re on the trip, you won’t have to worry about how, when or where you’re going and our bi-lingual guides will be on hand at all times, welcoming you at your boutique hotel in Bucharest and providing you with all the information you need.  All your excursions and boat trips are taken care of so you don’t have to waste your time worrying about logistics. Despite all this, you’ll still have plenty of time to yourselves, exploring the delta by kayak and wandering around the peaceful fishing villages.


The Enquiry Form

If you’d like to learn more about this experience, you’d like to check availability and prices or you have questions that need answering simply fill out the form below with all the required details using the calendar to let us know which dates you’re interested in. Once submitted, we will get back to you with confirmation and/or next steps within 24 hours.

Special offers are highlighted in red.

Super special offers are highlighted in yellow.

Your First Name

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