Katun Vranjak

Positioned on the cusp of Biogradska Gora National Park at 1,750 meters above sea level at the end of a bumpy dirt track, the location of the nomadic settlement is beautifully remote surrounded by rolling pastures and lungfuls of clean mountain air. Typically used by local sheepherders throughout the summer months for grazing, the settlement is made up of a collection of 10 individual wooden chalets dotted across the hillside with shingle rooftops and smoking chimneys. Herds of goats and cows wander freely between the huts, nibbling at the carpet of grass to the tune of the echoing bells strung around the necks of the cows.

The natural surroundings are perfectly complimented by the sustainable cabins which are void of electricity but feature wood burning fires and comfortable mattresses covered in clean sheets, warm woolen blankets and soft pillows. There’s a shared outhouse towards the back of the huts with a couple of toilets and separate shower stalls that are powered with warm water from solar panels. Open-air washbowls are fixed on the outside of the wooden stalls complete with a small mirror, soap and taps gushing with clean glacial water.

If the weather is behaving there’s a wonderful open air dining area set around a campfire where you can enjoy a hearty supper. Think delicious freshly made bread dipped in country vegetable soup followed by a huge plateful of roasted goat and boiled potatoes sprinkled with fresh parsley. As dusk settles over the surrounding mountains and the sky sparkles with twinkling stars and the warmth of your little cabin awaits.

In the morning, enjoy a traditional mountain breakfast of priganice (freshly fried dough balls) served with blueberry jam and local honey washed down with aromatic mountain tea and huge portions of the region’s famous layered sheep and cows cheese.



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