Located 30km from Sighisoara, Viscri is most famous for the fortified church that rests at the heart of the tranquil village. Dating back to 1100, the fortified church is the oldest in Transylvania and allowed the Saxon village of Viscri to be declared as a World Heritage Site by UNESCO in 1993.

The village also caught the eye of the Prince of Wales, who bought an 18th century Saxon house in Viscri in 2006, restoring the property into a gorgeous guesthouse with the aim of promoting sustainable tourism in the area. The building still retains its original architecture and showcases various Transylvanian antiques as well as containing modern, up-to-date fittings and furnishings.

The village courtyards feature small coffee shops and artisan boutiques selling hand-made crafts and local goods including gorgeous knitted socks and jars of their famous mulberry jam. A visit to Viscri provides an authentic glimpse into rural Transylvania and the lives of its humble inhabitants. A leisurely stroll up through woodland and hills gives way to a view of traditional charcoal pits, wool-spinning workhouses, sheepfolds and other time-honoured establishments. There is even a working well!

What: Rural Saxon village
Where: Transylvania, Romania
When: Beautiful all year round particularly during the spring when flowers are blooming and summer when blue skies prevail
Why: To step back in time, pick up some local souvenirs and watch the cows come home
How: Map
Who: The Couple, The History Buff, The Culture Vulture, The Explorer, The Family, The Free Spirit, The Time Traveller



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