The Mini Albanian Alps Experience

October 5 - 9 2022

The Mini Albanian Alps Experience
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One of the least explored countries in Europe with its gorgeous mountains and ancient history awaits you. Twenty centuries of history in Shkodër with a clash of East and West through religion and culture, combined with Albanian authenticity is making a remarkable mixture. A Catholic church next to a mosk with a communism monument nearby makes up for only part of their incredible history - Shkodër with its lake will surely stun you. A scenic bus drive and an incredibly beautiful ferry trip later, you’ll be in Valbona Valley. Just stargazing for two nights in Valbona and Theth at 700 meters altitude with virtually no light pollution at all makes this trip worthwhile. Cue in wild rivers and unspoiled nature. Then a hike over the Valbona pass, a waterfall in Theth and trekking over the magnificent Alps to walk back into Montenegro. Mixing up with the locals in cookery classes and/or other activities like cow milking and cheese making. Add unprocessed local food and beverages, unprecedented traditions and lovely welcoming locals, and you got yourself a real treat. The phrase ”hidden gem” is sometimes overused, but Albania is just that for Europe.


October 2022
Oct 5 - 9 2022
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