• The Transylvania Experience
  • The Transylvania Experience
  • The Transylvania Experience
  • The Transylvania Experience
  • The Transylvania Experience
  • The Transylvania Experience
  • The Transylvania Experience
  • The Transylvania Experience
  • The Transylvania Experience
  • The Transylvania Experience


7 nights from £549 per person. Book here or call 0207 101 4061.

This week-long escape to the Transylvanian countryside is perfect for those who are looking to take a step back, slow down and enjoy a pace of life that offers relaxation, peace and culture in abundance.

With a mixture of traditional accommodation in local villages and visits to the medieval towns of Brasov, Sibiu and Sighisoara where you’ll enjoy the comforts of boutique accommodation, you’ll experience the very best that Transylvania has to offer. The trip also includes entry to the impressive castles of Bran and Peles as well as an eye-opening visit the Libearty Bear Sanctuary in Zarnesti and a wander around the ASTRA Outdoor Folk Museum. You can even choose to sign up for an excursion to a forest based hide in  the Carpathian Mountains for a chance to see bears in the wild! Take a step back in time and get involved with local village activities in Viscri and Crit including visits to the local beehive or a traditional ride in an authentic horse and cart.

You’ll come back refreshed and revived with a new perspective.

<<<<< Short on time? Check out our jam-packed 4-night Dracula Experience based in Transylvania instead. More info here >>>>>


The Experience

Day 1: Arrival in Bucharest followed by a transfer to your boutique accommodation in the Lipscani district where you will be greeted with a coffee or glass of wine before you head out into the old town to explore and discover the plethora of restaurants and bars.

Day 2: Morning transfer into Transylvania, stopping for a tour around the divine Peles Castle before checking in to your hotel in Brasov. Enjoy the rest of the day exploring the charming medieval saxon town of Brasov.

Day 3: Day to relax and spend more time in Brasov with optional extra activities such as walking tours or even an opportunity to experience seeing wild bears in a nearby hide.

Day 4: Morning transfer to Bran Castle, better known as Dracula’s Castle before arriving at Inn on Balaban to enjoy the stunning rural countryside before a traditional Romanian meal in the evening.

Day 5: Morning transfer to the Libearty Bear Sanctuary in Zarnesti before transferring to the rural village of Viscri where HRH Prince of Wales owns a property. Enjoy a tour and an authentic lunch at a local house (not included) before travelling to a neighbouring village to check-in to your traditional Transylvanian guesthouse where you can partake in village activities.

Day 6: Travel and visit the medieval citadel of Sighisoara for lunch and a then wander before transferring to the beautiful town of Sibiu and checking-in to your hotel. You will have the rest of the day to enjoy the medieval town.

Day 7: Morning visit to the outstanding ASTRA Outdoor Folk Museum, which is the biggest in Europe and gives you a fantastic insight into traditional rural Romania from around the country. Transfer on the ‘best road in the world’, the Transfagarasan, up to the peace and quiet of Balea Lake* to enjoy lunch and a wadner before travelling back to Bucharest where you’ll check-in to your boutique accommodation in the heart of the Lipscani district.

Day 8: Transfer to Bucharest airport for return flight.

*During the shoulder season (Apr-May, and Nov) all sights and activities remain the same but you wouldn’t visit Balea Lake as the Tranfagarasan is closed.


The Price

The price for this experience includes:

Includes   Transfers Airport pick-up and drop-off, all in-country transfers

Includes   Accommodation 2 nights boutique B&B accommodation in Brasov, 1 night half board traditional accommodation at Inn on Balaban, 1 night B&B accommodation in Sibiu, 1 night half board traditional guesthouse accommodation in rural village, 2 nights B&B accommodation in Bucharest

Includes   Activities Visit, entry and tour of Peles Castle in Sinaia, visit and entry to Bran (aka. Dracula’s) Castle, visit to the Libearty Bear Sanctuary, visit to Viscri and the Astra Outdoor Folk Museum

Includes   Other The services of a bi-lingual guide, the Transylvania Experience booklet, welcome drink

Click here for up-to-date prices, bookings and enquiries > 


The FAQs

How do I get there?

You have to fly to Bucharest in Romania. There are direct flights between London Heathrow, Gatwick, Stansted, Luton, Bristol, Birmingham, Doncaster, Glasgow and Dublin. Click here for more.

How much is it? 

You can find up-to-date prices and special offers on our availability calendar on the BOOK NOW page. Click here to see prices.

What if I want to stay in Romania a little longer?

We’d love you to hang out in Romania and do a bit more exploring. If you’re looking for a slightly longer break, this trip combines perfectly with the Danube Delta Experience and the Rural Romania Experience. You can check out our other Romania experiences here too.

Are there any shorter trips that are similar? 

Yes! The Dracula Experience. If you don’t have the luxury of a week to spend enjoying the sights of Transylvania, the Dracula Experience is a great compromise as you’ll still see the medieval towns of Brasov and Sighiaoara, visit Peles and Bran Castles, and drive along the famous Transfagarasan road. Click here for more info

Do you have any reviews I can read from previous guests? 

We’ve got lots of good feedback from our guests so if you’re still not sure about booking, check out our 5* ratings and read through our customer reviews on Trust Pilot and Facebook.

Trust Pilot




The Group

2 – 16 people.

Please note that the trip may not be suitable for very young children given journey times of longer than an hour, and possible disturbance to others travelling in the group. If you’re unsure, please don’t hesitate to get in touch as we can always tailor something specific to your needs.


The Gallery

Here’s a visual insight into the sights and highlights on offer throughout Transylvania including the gorgeous medieval towns of Brasov, Sighisoara and Sibiu as well as the remote rural villages of Viscri and Crit. You’ll also get a sneak peek of the snaking Transfagarasan road as well as the stunning views over Balea Lake.


The Location


Ask most people what comes to mind when they think of Romania and you’re likely to hear something along the lines of Dracula, vampires and gypsies. Yes, the spooky castles pitched on rocky hilltops are certainly vampire-worthy but the only real fangs you’re likely to be exposed to here are those belonging to the wild bears, wolves and lynx that roam the Carpathian Mountains. Once you place the stereotypes aside for a moment, you’ll soon understand how misunderstood, overlooked and vastly underestimated this country is.

From the untouched Transylvanian countryside and the beautiful mountain scenery in the Carpathian Mountains, the wooden churches and painted monasteries of Maramures and the medieval towns of Brasov, Sibiu and Sighisoara, to the Danube Delta’s abundance of birds and wildlife, and the magnetic buzz of the fast-paced capital of Bucharest, the variation and contrast across Romania is staggering.

Of course, there’s far too much to see in just one visit but here’s what to expect from Transylvania…


Traditional Rural Life

Famed for its connections with Bram Stoker’s Count Dracula, Transylvania offers so much more than old ghost stories. With beautiful landscapes teaming with nature and perfectly preserved medieval towns rich in history and culture, this is one of the last places in Europe where you’ll find living remnants of medieval tradition and custom.

Ancient fortified villages and isolated hamlets are surrounded by rolling pastures dotted with haystacks, and meadows carpeted with hundreds of wildflowers. Peasant culture and rural life is apparent at every twist and turn – the locals get around by horse and cart, grass is cut using traditional scythes, shepherds roam the countryside and water is taken from the communal village well. Frozen in time yet utterly self-sufficient, the inhabitants of these remote dwellings have honed the ancient arts of weaving, pottery and bread-making over the centuries, and still make a living from time-honoured occupations including shepherding and carpentery.

Travelling to Transylvania is like stepping into the past, where time seems to slow down and age-old tradition unravels itself. Life is beautifully simple here, a world apart from our own hectic day-to-day lives, which makes a visit to the region a breath of fresh air in every sense of the word.

Rich Cultural Heritage

But the traditional way of life is only part of Transylvania’s fascination. The region is also home to a diverse multi-ethnic heritage where a cultural melting pot of Romanians, Hungarians, Saxons, Germans and Romany gypsies make a distinct mark on the architecture, cuisine and even names of Transylvania’s towns which are often referred to in three different languages. The result is a wonderfully diverse landscape speckled with groups of remote communities that live and breathe their own very distinctive traditions and customs many of which have disappeared over the centuries throughout the rest of Europe.

Charming Old Towns

If the culture, history and easy-going lifestyle aren’t enough to convince you of Transylvania’s appeal, then its collection of medieval old towns should just about clinch it for you! Perfectly preserved with charming cobbled streets and rainbow coloured houses with traditional roofs, the three most famous Saxon towns form a triangle across Transylvania and represent some of the finest examples in Europe.

First up is Brasov with its beautiful baroque architecture and citadel ruins, then there’s Sibiu with its cobblestone streets and handful of quaint squares, and finally, you’ve got the hilltop citadel of Sighisoara which boasts a labyrinth of narrow passageways and a fairytale clock tower dating back to the 14th century.


The Season

With increasingly long summers and winters, the climate in Romania is rather extreme and plays host to some scorching months as well as a period of severe cold and snow, which is why the Transylvania Experience does not run through the winter months. Spring, summer and autumn, however offer beautiful weather on the whole and a range of local village activities in Viscri and Crit that vary according to the seasons. Those interested in taking part in any of the bear tracking activities should opt to visit between May and September when the bears are more active and chances of sightings increase dramatically.

April & May: The weather in May is pleasant as the intense heat of the summer is yet to arrive. However, it’s not unusual for the weather to change quite drastically, particularly on higher ground so it’s a good idea to pack layers just in case! The other plus side to travelling in the spring is the presence of stunning wildflowers and butterflies that fill the Transylvanian countryside. The bear tracking season commences in May so those interested in visiting the bear hide as part of their trip should consider travelling in May rather than April. Spending Easter in Transylvania is always a wonderful experience filled with culture, tradition and colours aplenty. Visits to the coal makers and the shepherds take place in May rather than April but traditional bread making and cookery workshops are on offer throughout the spring, summer and autumn.

June, July & August: In the full swing of summer, visiting Transylvania in June, July and August affords long hot sunny days and blue skies with little chance of rain. While temperatures can soar to around 40 degrees in Bucharest, the Transylvanian countryside tends to be a little cooler so you can enjoy the great outdoors either trekking or mountain biking across the countryside to other neighbouring Saxon villages like Viscri. The month of July plays host to harvest time when the fields and pastures are ripe for hay stacking, providing you with the opportunity to get your hands dirty and help the locals gather the hay using traditional instruments like scythes and forks. Other activities to get involved with during the summer include horse-drawn cart trips to the local coal mines to witness the rare craft of making coal as well as sherpherding in the fields where you’ll have the opportunity to watch the milking and shearing of the sheep and to sample the local cheeses.

September, October & November: September brings with it slightly fresher temperatures and the start of the truffle-hunting season that takes place throughout the autumn in Viscri. You’ll have the chance to search for truffles in the woods and forests surrounding the local villages. You can even take part in a traditional rustic cookery workshop where you’ll learn to cook your truffles. Visits to the coal makers and the shepherds take place in September rather than October but traditional bread making and cookery workshops are on offer throughout the spring, summer and autumn. Weather is slightly fresher in October and November but the countryside is still beautiful.


The Duration & The Calendar

The Transylvania Experience takes place over seven nights and eight days and typically commences every Saturday during the season. However, the arrival and departure times of your chosen flights may well affect the exact duration of your stay. Many use the flexibility of booking their own flights to add an additional night or two (or three) in Bucharest at the beginning and/or end of the experience to make the very most of their time in Romania.

The calendar on the BOOK NOW page shows exactly when trips are available throughout the season. As well as displaying which trip dates are fully booked or available, the calendar also highlights specific dates that have been discounted or are on special offer. Click here to see available dates and rates on our calendar >


The Highlights

There are hundreds of reasons why we think you would love the opportunity to take a step back in time with the Transylvania Experience, but here are a few of our personal trip highlights to help persuade you…

The Activities: With such a wonderful range of activities to get involved with on your trip, you’ll come away with a wealth of unique experiences to treasure for years to come. From traditional rides on an authentic horse and cart to visit to the local villages beehives to see how they make honey, you’ll be immersed in village life. For those interested in nature and wildlife there’s a trip to the Libearty Bear Sanctuary where you’ll witness their family of rescued bears and you can even sign up for an evening excursion to see wild bears at a forest-based bear hide. If you’re looking for a kick of culture then the castles at Peles and Bran, as well as a wander around the renowned ASTRA Outdoor Folk Museum, and the medieval towns of Brasov, Sibiu and Sighisoara will be right up your street.

The Transylvanian Countryside: The Transylvanian countryside is an absolute spectacle that changes throughout the season with beautiful alpine meadows rich in wild flora and fauna, and green pastures carpeted with an abundance of wild flowers and peppered with hundreds of butterflies during the spring and summer. Whether you’re here for the simplicity and solitude, the great outdoors or just an escape somewhere different, you’ll find the natural Transylvanian countryside a veritable paradise of peace and beauty.

The Rustic Accommodation: The accommodation you’ll be staying in on the Transylvania Experience includes some of our all-time favourites, each distinct and unique from one another. From the isolated Inn on Balaban set atop a mountainous ridge and surrounded by rolling hills, to Casa cu Zorele, the rustic village guesthouse in Crit with its charming rooms and wonderful Romanian hosts, your experience will be absolutely authentic.


The Motivation

Whether it’s for a week away somewhere completely different, for some well-deserved peace and quiet by yourself with plenty of time to unwind or to see how the other half lives, the Transylvania Experience is perfect if you’re looking for any of the following.

To Live Like The Locals and Get Back To Basics: See how the other half live and re-connect with the customs and traditions of a bygone era by getting involved with local village activities. The natural environment and slower pace of living in Transylvania will help you get back to basics so that you return with refreshed and revived with a new perspective.

For Culture & Tradition and To Step Back In Time: As soon as you arrive in Transylvania you’ll probably feel as though you’ve wandered into a fairytale land complete with self-sufficient clusters of villages where water is still taken from the well, cows and sheep wander the fields, and horses and carts clatter across dirt tracks laden with hay. This is your opportunity to scratch under the surface of ancient Saxon communities where tradition and culture are strongly ingrained into everyday life.

For The Great Outdoors: With opportunities for wandering through the woods towards the rural village of Viscri, visits to the treehouse bear hide and time exploring the sun-kissed cobbled streets of Brasov, Sighisoara and Sibiu you’ll be taking full advantage of Transylvania’s fabulous outdoor playground. You’ll also catch a good dose of sunshine while you’re at it particularly if you travel during the summer months when the days are long, warm and sunny.

To Escape and For Peace & Tranquility: Remote natural locations, traditional accommodations in the heart of rural Romania and miles of rolling Transylvanian countryside, this trip is perfect for anyone hankering for some time out away from the hustle and bustle of everyday life in an area of sheer natural beauty and wildlife.. You can choose to be as active or as lazy as you like whether you’re into trying your hand at something new or you just want to absorb the natural surroundings.


The Grapevine

“A wonderful and positive experience we both enjoyed ourselves in Transylvania and were looked after very well indeed.”

Don’t just take our word for it, have a read of what our clients have to say about their experiences on the trip by checking out our 5* ratings and reading through our customer comments on Trust Pilot and Facebook.

Trust Pilot




Plus, learn why Prince Charles in so in love with Transylvania and Romania…

Romanians? They can teach us a thing or two, says Prince CharlesMail Online, March 2014


The Booking Process

So you’ve found the perfect experience for you… what happens next? Once you’ve chosen the dates you’d like to travel on using our availability calendar all you need to do is head over to the booking page and fill in your details where necessary on the enquiry form. We’ll get back to you as soon as possible, usually within 24 hours, answering any questions you may have and confirming availability for the experience over the dates you’ve enquired about. If that’s all good to go, we’ll hold your places for you and ask you to look into booking your flights.

Once you’ve booked your flights please send us over the details via email including flight times, numbers and departure airports. We’ll then process your booking and send you an RBS payment link for the deposit or full balance depending on how soon you’re travelling. If your trip departs in less than 6 weeks we require full payment in order to guarantee your places on the experience, however if you are travelling in more than 6 weeks we will only take a 25% deposit at the time of booking. The outstanding balance is then taken 6 weeks before your departure date.

After your payment has been received we’ll send you confirmation of your booking along with a personalised trip itinerary, information pack and any other appropriate materials. All you need to do now is write the dates in your diary, prepare your packing list and look forward to your next adventure!


The Flights

As a tour operator we are not able to offer inclusive flights as part of our experiences however we are more than happy to help you find the most appropriate incoming and outgoing flights for you. All the listed airports fly directly in and out of Bucharest with multiple different airlines to choose from. We highly recommend using Skyscanner to find the cheapest flights. If the widget below plays up for whatever reason just head over to the website here >

London Heathrow, Gatwick, Stansted, Luton, Bristol, Birmingham, Doncaster, Glasgow & Dublin

Your airport transfers are 100% flexible allowing you the freedom to depart at any time you choose on the departure date whether that be at 2 o’clock in the morning or 11 o’clock at night. 

For those wanting to book additional nights at the beginning or end of the trip please note that your airport pick-up and drop-off will still be included provided that you book your accommodation for the extra nights directly through us. If not you will need to organise your own transfers to and from the airport. Please contact us if you need advice or assistance.


The Personality

This experience is suitable for all ages and tastes from the young to the young at heart. It also matches with the below travel personalities and groups:

The Explorer: If you’re into authentic experiences then this trip is for you. You’ll have plenty of time to explore the region, wandering around the Saxon towns of Brasov, Sibiu and Sighisoara and taking the opportunity to get a real insight into the Romanian culture with all the local village activities on offer in Crit and Viscri. With medieval Saxon towns of Sighisoara, Sibiu and Brasov, as well as ancient fortified churches and decadent castles in Sinaia and Bran, there’s also plenty on offer to quench your thirst for culture, history and tradition.

The Free Spirit:  The Transylvanian countryside is full to the brim with nature and sheer wild beauty that evokes a sense of romance and contentment. The rolling countryside, wildflower meadows and lush green pastures peppered with haystacks create the perfect backdrop for a relaxing and refreshing retreat for the free spirited amongst you. Perfect also for those who find themselves tangled up in the stresses and strains of a hectic life, the Transylvania Experience offers the opportunity to take some time out to reflect and relax in an area that harks back to eras gone by, ready to return refreshed and revived with a new perspective on life. You’re free to do as much or as little as you like and at your own pace.

The Group

The Transylvania Experience is a wonderful retreat suited to all groups including friends, families and even individuals who are hankering after some alone time. More information is detailed below.

The Couple: Perfect for some down time with your other half, the Transylvania Experience is a lovely opportunity to enjoy some rest and relaxation together. There’s a fantastic mix of activities to get involved with including wildlife and nature based excursions in the Carpathian Mountains as well as village activities to help you get back to basics and get involved with local life in Transylvania.

The Family: Suitable for families of all sizes and ages, this week-long escape to the Transylvanian countryside is a wonderful opportunity to share some quality time together in a beautiful natural environment. Children will enjoy getting involved in the plethora of traditional activities while parents can take some time out for peace and quiet in the rural villages of Viscri and Crit.

The Friends: If you’re keen to reconnect with nature, tradition and a small group of friends then this is the holiday you’ve been waiting for whether it be with a group of old school friends or a few other couples that you get on well with.

The Solo Traveller: With plenty of time for self-reflection, soul-searching and relaxation, the trip is ideal if you’re keen to get back to basics and re-connect with both yourself and your natural surroundings.


The Booking & Enquiry Form

If you’d like to learn more about this experience, you’d like to check availability and prices or you have questions that need answering simply fill out the form below with all the required details using the calendar to let us know which dates you’re interested in. Once submitted, we will get back to you with confirmation and/or next steps within 24 hours.

Your First Name

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Email Address *

Contact Number

Which start date are you interested in

How many people are travelling in your party?

How did you hear about Untravelled Paths?

Do you have any questions or comments?

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