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At Untravelled Paths, we are passionate about adventure travel and always will be. There's a sense of excitement and discovery that comes with exploring new countries, cultures, and environments, whether it's trekking through the High Atlas Mountains or exploring a jungle. We've been creating unforgettable travel experiences for years and now offer more than 50 different experiences. If you're looking for adventure holidays or need some travel inspiration for your next activity-packed trip, you've come to the right place

We are proud to say that the majority of our customers would recommend us to a friend: you can read feedback on our Trust Pilot Page below. We believe travel is one of the most important factors of personal growth, allowing us to learn and experience incredible nature, landscapes and culture. However, we acknowledge that there are aspects of travel that have an environmental impact that is destructive to our planet. We feel it’s our social responsibility to mitigate this to ensure that the travel we encourage does not damage this wonderful, yet delicate planet we inhabit and share with so many other species.


Something Different. Somewhere Different.


From tracking bears in the wild, to sleeping in an Ice Hotel or under the Saharan sky, we aim to create memorable experiences.


We prefer to take the road less travelled. From Svalbard up north all the way to Ethiopia, our itineraries will take you to new, exciting locations.


We’re not your usual tour operator. Our team may be small, but what we lack in manpower, we make up in enthusiasm, dedication and genuine care.

Montenegro is a great destination to consider if you're seeking an adventure-packed holiday. Its stunning mountains, crystal-clear rivers, and rugged coastline make it a popular location for those who crave excitement, particularly for white water rafting enthusiasts.

We offer a variety of activities in our packages, such as wine tastings, cooking classes, guided tours of historic towns and cities, and visits to some of the most stunning beaches in the region where you can swim at the beach and have your feet feel the incredible sand and experience the best beach waves. We create personalized itineraries that are customized to your individual preferences, ensuring that you make the most of your time in Puglia, Italy.

Situated in Southern Africa, Botswana is a landlocked country renowned for its expansive wilderness areas, varied wildlife, and distinctive ecosystems. The Desert to Delta experience is among the top adventure holidays in Botswana, offering an extraordinary expedition through the country's most breathtaking landscapes.

Morocco often brings to mind images of lively cities, colorful markets, and vast deserts, but the country also boasts a range of exceptional ski resorts, making it an unexpected yet thrilling destination for an adventure holiday relaxation focused on skiing.

Indulge in an unforgettable winter adventure by combining a stay at the Hotel of Ice with a few days on the slopes of Romania's premier ski resort. Whether you're a beginner or an expert, this trip promises to be an experience of a lifetime. Don't miss out - book your stay today and witness the magic for yourself. 

Our selection of Slovenia tours caters to a diverse range of adventure holiday experiences, perfect for every budget and preference. Whether you desire a challenging ascent to the summit of Triglav, Slovenia's highest peak, or a relaxed paddle down the tranquil Soca river, we have you covered. Our team of knowledgeable guides will lead you off the well-trodden path to discover the hidden treasures of Slovenia, from the picturesque medieval town of Bled to the awe-inspiring Vintgar Gorge.

Our selection of African adventure tours caters to a wide range of experiences, perfect for every budget and preference. Whether you seek a traditional safari in the Serengeti, a challenging ascent to the summit of Mount Kilimanjaro, or an immersive cultural experience in the bustling markets of Marrakech, we have you covered. Our team of skilled guides will lead you off the well-trodden path to explore the hidden treasures of Africa, from the unspoiled beaches of Zanzibar to the historic ruins of Timbuktu.

Experience an immersive weekend in Southern Spain, where history, rich culture, music, and mouth-watering Andalusian cuisine await. Explore the vibrant cities of Seville and Granada and discover the unique fusion of Moorish and Spanish cultures that has shaped this region for centuries. 

In addition to its delectable cuisine, Seville serves as an ideal starting point for venturing into the neighbouring natural parks, which are home to the Iberian Lynx, one of the rarest wild cats on the planet. Though these majestic animals, with their unique spotted fur and tufted ears, are challenging to spot, with the aid of seasoned guides, your chances of catching a glimpse of them in their natural environment can be improved.

Great Adventures

Brown Bear Tours Romania

Brown Bear Tours Romania

Step into the wild and experience the thrill of tracking the mighty Brown Bear in the depths of Transylvania’s forests.

The Dracula Experience

The Dracula Experience

Let us transport you into the heart of the Transylvanian countryside to a remote corner of the Carpathian Mountains. 

The Ice Hotel Experience

The Ice Hotel Experience

Enjoy a once in a lifetime stay at Transylvania’s Ice Hotel. brace yourselves for dinner ‘on ice’.

The Transylvania Experience

The Transylvania Experience

Perched up tall and ominous, the Bran Castle certainly fits as home to the legend of Dracula.

Our trips include walking  tours that take in awe-inspiring scenery and breathtaking wildlife encounters like our Romainian Brown Bear experience. Raft in one of Europe's premier white water rafting locations. A wet and wild break filled with adventure and breathtaking natural beauty, with our white water rafting experience. 

There are unforgettable experiences in top destinations the world over, like A once in lifetime stay at the Hotel of Ice in Transylvania, which is also home to the legendary Dracula's Castle all of which are part of our Romania trips. From your own Mini Sahara  experience, to a journey of discovery in the magical winter landscape of Lapland, with untravelled Paths these are just some of the memories waiting to be made. Join us now for the adventure holiday of a life time.


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Experts specialising in combining the unique and unusual in travel

Our personal insights, travel expertise and insider tips help us to create unforgettable travel experiences. Each part of our trips has been carefully researched and selected.


Enthusiasm, passion and a friendly face

All our hand-picked guides are local people that are passionate about their country. We pride ourselves in bringing a personal touch and recommendations to our original itineraries and trips.


Full assistance from first enquiry until after your trip

From efficient, friendly service during the enquiry and booking stages to constant support during and after travel, our team is on hand 24/7 to answer questions and solve any problems.


We're offering qualitative experiences at the best rates

Our competitive rates and value for money never compromises quality. All elements of our experiences have been carefully priced to ensure that money is not spent needlessly.


We will happily create tailored itineraries for you

Other than our regular experiences, we also tailor or create itineraries to match your needs. With our expert knowledge, innovative ideas and dynamic team, you can leave the details to us.


We aim to deliver hassle-free experiences

We are a UK registered tour operating company and all our customer's trips are bonded offering complete piece of mind.

If you have any questions about bookings or how to prepare for specific activity holidays, our FAQs can help point you in the right direction. Let Untravelled Paths help you create memories that will last a lifetime.


Do your trips always run?

Yes! As soon as we have confirmed availability for the experience you're interested in and you have been booked on, the experience is guaranteed to go ahead. We never cancel trips, so there is nothing you should worry about.

What if I have to cancel a trip?

Sadly, our trips become fully non-refundable six weeks before travel. If you cancel more than six weeks in advance and have already paid in full, you will be refunded 75% (the 25% deposit is non-refundable). Depending on the case and how far in advance you need to cancel, we might be able to move your booking to a different date, subject to availability.

Can you offer private trips?

If group travel is not your thing, or you'd like to add other elements to our current itineraries, we'd be happy to offer you a private tailored trip to suit your needs. Simply drop us an email and our team will get planning! Please note that during peak periods such as the festive period or half-term holidays, this option might not be available. 

Can I combine trips?

We'd encourage you to do so! Depending on the location and what you are interested in, most our trips can be combined. These can be found in the Trip Combos section at the bottom of each experience page.  

I can't see *country* on your trips list!

Ever-expanding, we're always researching new locations to spice things up. As we prefer to hand-pick everything from accommodations to guides and build our own experiences, setting up a new location might take some time, but we're keeping busy and have a long list of new experiences we want to share with you all. If you don't want to miss out on any news, make sure to subscribe to our newsletter using the form at the bottom of this page.  

Do you outsource your guides?

All our guides have been carefully handpicked and they will work hard so you can have a memorable experience. When working with third party partners, they have been tried and tested to ensure the same standard. 

Can I request a specific guide?

Our team is busy running the trips, doing research and managing the operational side of the business. Because of this, the schedule has to be carefully planned in advance, so we cannot guarantee your trip will be led by your preferred guide. However, all our guides receive raving 5* reviews and you'll be sure to receive an exceptional service no matter who will be running your trip.

What about return guests?

If you've travelled with us in the past 18 months, we'd be happy to see you again. Because of this, you are entitled to a 10% discount on most our other experiences. Please note that there are a select few experiences where the discount does not apply, so get in touch with our enquiries team to double-check!

Are you protected?

Yes! We are fully bonded offering protection to our guests in the unlikely event of our financial failure.

Do you offer insurance?

While we do not offer insurance cover as a part of our experience, we highly recommend True Traveller, which offers tailored package covers. Our team members have personally used them as they specialize in adventure travel and you can create your own insurance plan, without any add-ons that are irrelevant to your trip. More information here.

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