The Best Airport Apps for Stress-Free Travel


It’s clear that everyone tackles the airport differently, with some people opting for a super-organised approached, seemingly having rehearsed the order of things in their head before stepping through the door. Others are much more carefree, sometimes too much so, as we’ve seen a few forgotten passports in our time! No matter where on the spectrum you fit, we want to make sure that you breeze through the airport without worry. To help with this, we’ve compiled some of the best apps you should be using when heading to the airport, to ensure you navigate it with ease.



If you’ve not experienced an airport lounge, then you’re missing half the fun of heading to the airport! Although the quality can differ from country to country, typically, lounges are stocked with ample food and drink that will kick start your holiday.

LoungeBuddy is an app that will allow you to locate the various lounges available in your airport and offer you the chance to book in to enjoy a taste of the high life. These range from basic tea and coffee style business lounges to those with premium food and even showers! No matter what you’re looking for, LoungeBuddy will have you covered. Just remember not to miss your flight!


Chances are, you’ve already got yourself some sweet accommodation for when you arrive at your destination. But, if you’ve been caught out with a delayed or cancelled flight, don’t waste your time trying to grab some sleep on the departure lounge seats, check into a close-by hotel at a discounted price. HotelTonight is THE place for cheap, last minute rooms with hotels in countries across the globe, from Bristol to Bucharest! 

App In The Air

If you’re a frequent flyer, this one will be music to your ears. No longer will you have to juggle multiple apps, pieces of paper and memorise check-in times. App in the Air brings everything together and ties it into a neat, easy to navigate parcel. The app keeps track of your itineraries, boarding passes, along with frequent flyer programmes.
You can also turn your flights into a challenge if you have other frequent flyer pals. Check and compare your total mileage and hours spent in the air with others who fly frequently. You can also check by location to see who else in the airport has racked up some serious mileage! 


Once you reach your destination airport, getting to and from your accommodation can be a little tricky, especially if you’ve not booked transfers. Uber is a ridesharing platform, which means you can book a ride instantly from your location and have someone arrive to pick you up in minutes. This eliminates the need for trying to translate the address of your accommodation to a foreign taxi driver and allows a stress-free transfer to wherever you need to go.

Prices can also be much more competitive than local taxis, and you can pay using your linked card or PayPal so no need for handling cash!

Am I Going Down?

Designed for nervous flyers, the app ‘Am I Going Down?’ calculates the likelihood of the plane on your route crashing. Fortunately, the answer to the question is almost always no, with many routes offering odds of 1,000,000 to one or (more commonly) higher. This would mean you would need to fly the same route daily for at least 2,000 years before you could expect a crash. You can input your takeoff location, landing location and airline, and using data from the NTSA and International Civil Aviation Organisation, the app calculates the probability. 

Airline App

This one is pretty much a no-brainer, no matter who you’re flying with, make sure you download their app. Many providers now offer electronic boarding passes, which means you only need a passport and phone to get through the airport seamlessly. You can also check for delays and notifications on your flight along with booking any future travel while you wait in departures. After all, it’s always better to have something planned for the future!

So, no matter why or where you’re flying, don’t let the airport become the villain in your romantic travel story. These apps will help make the airport a breeze and hopefully open up some new doors that you hadn’t thought of before! If there are any apps that you can’t travel without, make sure you let us know on Facebook and Twitter! Equally, if you’re looking to plan your next travel adventure, why not get in touch? Our experience holidays allow you to explore the authentic side of some of Europe’s best countries!

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