The Best Festivals in Ljubljana


The captivating capital of Slovenia, located at the very centre of the country, Ljubljana is a city that revels in artistic and theatrical events and festivals. Part of the reason for the vibrant atmosphere is the university population, something that the city is known for. Additionally, it has expansive parks, fascinating museums and wonderful architecture; this combination lends itself perfectly to the events schedule that the city hosts year on year. In this article, we take a look at some of the best festivals Ljubljana has to offer and how you can get involved.

Lighting Guerrilla: 15th May – 15th June

This annual festival that begins in May showcases some of the most exciting and innovative light installations by both Slovenian and international artists. The theme for this year’s festival will be ‘borders’ and artists shall be challenged to design exhibits that reflect this theme but still hold a unique place in the collection. There will be both outdoor and indoor installations across the city, with displays and a chance to get hands-on with some educational workshops at the Lighting Guerilla Laboratory. The event will be free to access so if you’re in Ljubljana from mid-May to mid-June, make sure you head to the centre of the city and get ready to be enlightened!

Ljubljana Festival: 2nd July – 26th August

Chances are, if the festival is named after the city in which it is held, it’ll be a brilliant one. This is certainly true for Slovenia’s capital which will be holding its festival namesake from the start of July to the end of August, something of a Goliath event! The first iteration of the festival took place in 1953 and has since been promoting both national and international performances of music, dance, theatre, sports, visual artists and many others. The festival has a mixture of paid and free events so even if you don’t have the time or money to dedicate to attending specific activities, you’ll still be able to soak up the atmosphere while you’re there.

Ana Desetnica – Street Theatre Festival: 3rd July – 6th July

For three days in early July, the city is overtaken by street performers of all kinds, with the aim to provide a fascinating and breathtaking experience for audiences. The festival hosts both experienced street performers and up and coming talents, allowing them to showcase their abilities to crowds of people across Ljubljana. You can expect to see street artists, tightrope walkers, circus performers, jugglers, clowns, fire eaters, musicians and many more! Not only are the performances captivating, but the spaces in which they are performed are equally beautiful, utilising some of the most aesthetically pleasing parts of the city and its architecture.

Ana Plamenita – Festival of Night and Fire

Typically taking place in November, the Ana Plamenita is a festival which revels in dark evenings and shadowy venues. A selection of areas across the city will be given an illuminating makeover, bringing them to life even in the darkest of nights. Mostly making use of orange, yellow and red colours, along with the use of fire, the festival brings an entirely unique offering to the city and its inhabitants. The entertainers also wear strings of lights, adding a new dimension to their already fascinating costumes. Dates have not been released for this year’s event, so make sure you keep your eyes peeled if you plan to head to this unique event.

Open Kitchen: March – October

Taking place every Friday from March until October, the open kitchen is a chance for locals and visitors to come together and explore new styles of food and new flavours from some of the best local chefs. The range of food on offer is unbelievably diverse meaning you’ll never struggle to find something you like! You can expect to see roughly 30 different food providers ranging from local restaurants to modern style chefs, along with farms and other food producers. Most, if not all food is cooked in front of you and will be accompanied by live music and entertainment.

Slovenia is a beautiful and diverse country, offering something for all visitors. If you would like the chance to explore Ljubljana and other areas of Slovenia, check our out Husky Experience.

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