Best Winter Sun Locations


As the British summer draws to an end we thought we’d take a look at the best Untravelled Paths winter sun locations. All of the following destinations will have re-opened as of October so for those of you that had your summer holiday plans disrupted due to the pandemic, maybe, just maybe these locations might tempt you. And remember all holidays booked since the outbreak of the pandemic are 100% refundable if disrupted by the coronavirus. 

South Africa

Almost guaranteed sun and blue skies as it’s summer in the southern hemisphere. Gorgeous, pristine white-sanded beaches but South Africa offers so much more from the buzz of Cape Town’s bar and restaurant scene, it’s surrounding wine lands, stunning scenery and of course the array of wildlife. South Africa is perfect for those looking for a blend of the remote great outdoors, nature, delicious cuisine and vibrant nightlife. South Africa isn’t particularly close and flights are not the cheapest but the exchange rate is very favourable making South Africa a must-visit over the European winter months.

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Much bigger than the map suggests Colombia’s various regions experience very different weather patterns largely due to the terrain. The country is mountainous is areas and low lying in our others, then, of course, there is the Amazon! You can visit all year round but the European winter months are when overall you are likely to experience far less rain. For the sun worshippers, Colombia offers sandy white beaches of the Caribbean, as well as a scattering of islands, one of which is even English speaking! Those in search of more tradition and culture will find it in abundance across all of Colombia, in particular in the rural coffee region and finally, you have the Amazon for those who like an adventure. But the best thing about Colombia is the people are even warmer to guests than the sun!

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Much closer to home but a world away in so many senses is, of course, Morocco where even over the winter temperatures can reach the low to mid-twenties (celsius) which makes exploring the souks of Marrakesh and Fez a far more enjoyable experience than over the hotter months. Although you can expect mild to cold evenings, especially those adventuring further south to the Sahara or those exploring the Atlas Mountains. For those looking to relax Morocco offers many beautiful chic, boutique and Riad and Hotel accommodation at very reasonable prices compared to Western Europe. But the biggest selling point for those in search of winter sun is that it’s is so close and well connected to Europe.

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Italy (Southern)

Southern Italy may not offer sunbathing weather over the winter months but is does typically offer some very lovely warm days on a regular basis over the winter, combined with very few tourists and some great deals. The region of Puglia many charming towns have such a community feel the atmosphere isn’t affected by the lack of visitors, in fact, your experience will be a more authentic one. Then, of course, there is the delicious, mouth-watering fresh food perfectly complementing the fabulous local wine. So whether you want to enjoy the warm weather exploring the quaint towns and villages or having a long, relaxed lunch you’ll definitely feel like you’re living the good life.

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