Combining Montenegro with another Experience


Mighty Montenegro, for us, is one of the hidden gems of Europe. It impressively combines the sea with mountains, making it the perfect spot for relaxation, wandering around, and adrenaline. Due to its small size and relatively central location in Europe, it’s an ideal destination to combine with another. Below we list our favourite locations that you can easily combine with an adventure in Montenegro. Which one would you choose?


The quaint, remote village of Theth in the Accursed mountains

Albania is ideal for those who enjoy nature, tranquility, and the great outdoors. Arguably, Europe’s best-kept secret for hiking, northern Albania‘s rugged natural beauty is a must. Neighbouring Montenegro, it’s a great destination to visit in combination. It’s so easy you’ll even get to trek over the border from Albania to Montenegro! In turn, you will get a holiday packed with history, charm, adventure and breathtaking sceneries.

Bosnia and Herzegovina

The beautiful town of Mostar in Bosnia

Bosnia is often overlooked as a destination but provides plenty of natural beauty, as well as fascinating history. Sarajevo was the location of the assassination of Arch Duke Franz Ferdinand in 1914 which triggered the start of the First World War. The mix of architecture and melting pot of cultures and religions in towns such as Sarajevo or Mostar provides a well-needed insight into Eastern Europe. Well worth visiting and an easy road transfer from Montenegro.


The traditional Trulli houses in Alberobello city, Apulia, Italy

This one is the ultimate European getaway. The stunning scenery and crystal clear waters of the Adriatic alongside the delicious fresh food and fabulous wine of Southern Italy is a holiday hard to forget. That is exactly what a combination with Puglia, in the heal of Italy, provides. The two experiences can easily be combined as all it takes is a little adventure on an overnight ferry from either Bar or Dubrovnik.


The cows and herdsmen’s huts on the Big Pasture Plateau in Slovenia

Slovenia is comfortably the most polished of the Balkans with the influence of its western neighbours of Austria and Italy. Its clean, organised, high quality of life is complemented by the delicious cuisine and underestimated but tasty wine. During summer there is a short and affordable direct flight from Podgorica in Montenegro to Ljubljana in Slovenia, making it simple to combine these two awesome destinations.


Cappadocia is known around the world as one of the best places to fly with hot air balloons

Turkey may not be the closest to Montenegro but the lure of a magical hot air balloon ride over the breathtaking scenery of Cappadocia might just persuade you. The Adriatic coast, remote mountains, the hustle of bustle of Istanbul before the once in a lifetime balloon flight; it’s the perfect combination for that special someone. Direct flights from Podgorica to Istanbul are twice a week.

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 Alternatively, if you’re struggling to narrow down the perfect combination for you then you might want to consider our Adriatic & Beyond Experience which includes Montenegro, Albania, Bosnia and Herzegovina, and Croatia!

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