Traveling alone can be incredibly rewarding, offering you time to reflect but also offers the possibility of meeting new people both local and fellow travellers. Here we’ve listed the Untravelled Paths Experiences we believe are best suited to those wanting to travel on their own but who also want us to take care of the logistics so they can focus on their adventure. Which one is your favourite?

The Ice Hotel Experience

Once In A Lifetime – 4 nights

A once in lifetime stay at the Hotel of Ice in Transylvania, which is also home to the legendary Dracula’s Castle.

Enjoy a once in a lifetime stay at Transylvania’s Ice Hotel and absorb some of Romania’s most picturesque medieval towns on a whirlwind adventure spanning just a few days. After one night in the vibrant capital city of Bucharest, guests are whisked away into the heart of Transylvania. In Brasov, enjoy a leisurely stroll around charming cobbled streets, stopping to warm up in one of the town’s bohemian cafes dotted along snow-dusted alleyways off the main square. Then it’s up the mountain to the magical Ice Hotel past snow-capped peaks and frosty forestland. Get your heart racing with some snow activities or simply kick back with a hot drink and just enjoy the scenery. In the evening, brace yourselves for dinner ‘on ice’ then tucking yourselves into cosy sleeping bags before braving the night in your ice-suite. For further information on our Ice Hotel Experience

The Brown Bear Experience

Into The Wild – 4 nights

Step into the wild and experience the thrill of seeing the mighty Brown Bear in the depths of Transylvania’s forests.

Step into the wild and experience the thrill of tracking the mighty Brown Bear in the depths of Transylvania’s forests. You’ll begin your journey in Romania’s vibrant capital city, Bucharest, from where, the very next day you’ll be whisked away for an amazing journey through the Transylvanian countryside, to the postcard-pretty town of Brasov. Travel to the heart of bear country to get up close and personal with the animals and spend the next day in and around Brasov exploring the old town, or on a nature walk through the Carpathian Mountains. The next morning, visit the Libearty Bear Sanctuary and travel back to Bucharest via Bran Castle, the would-be home of Dracula. For further information on our Brown Bear Experience

The Montenegro Experience

Great Outdoors – 7 nights

Travel from the clear waters of Kotor to the mountains soaking up the venetian towns, dramatic landscapes and remote rural ethno villages.

Your trip begins with a scenic drive from the capital that takes you across the national park of Skadar lake, along the coastline, passing by iconic Sveti Stefan island to Kotor. You don’t want to miss the chance to see the view from the ancient fortress, and also to visit Perast islands – one of them man-made so that a beautiful church could be built on it. You will visit the monastery that was the first line of defence of Montenegro for five centuries, and still stands tall. This is, of course, combined with amazing views along the way, though you’re going through ”only” one national park. Next, you’ll be travelling along the stunning Tara canyon visiting another beautiful monastery and the amazing Tara bridge, which you’ll have the option to zipline across. The last two nights you will spend at an ethno village, on the bank of yet another canyon, enjoying delicious food, engaging in outdoor activities such as white water rafting, lake cruises, horse riding and hiking, or simply resting with a good book – not too many places are better than Rudinice. For further information on our Montenegro Experience

The Albania Alps Experience

Great Outdoors – 7 nights

Travel by boat and then by foot, through the stunning remote mountain landscape from Albania into Montenegro.

One of the least explored countries in Europe with its gorgeous mountains and ancient history awaits you. Twenty centuries of history in Shkodër with a clash of East and West through religion and culture, combined with Albanian authenticity is making a remarkable mixture. A Catholic church next to a mosk with a communism monument nearby makes up for only part of their incredible history – Shkodër with its lake will surely stun you. A scenic bus drive and an incredibly beautiful ferry trip later, you’ll be in Valbona Valley. Just stargazing for two nights in Valbona and Theth at 700 meters altitude with virtually no light pollution at all makes this trip worthwhile. Cue in wild rivers and unspoiled nature. Then a hike over the Valbona pass, a waterfall in Theth and trekking over the magnificent Alps to walk back into Montenegro. Mixing up with the locals in cookery classes and/or other activities like cow milking and cheese making. Add unprocessed local food and beverages, unprecedented traditions and lovely welcoming locals, and you got yourself a real treat. The phrase ”hidden gem” is sometimes overused, but Albania is just that for Europe. For further information on our Albanian Alps Experience

The Mini Bosnia Experience

Local Flavour – 4 nights

Go back in history as East meets West in an impressive display of architecture and culture. All with a pinch of natural beauty.

Take a stroll down the cobbled streets of Sarajevo and see how East meets West in a truly breathtaking manner. Whether you like the architecture of churches or mosques, the taste of Turkish sweet delicacies, or homebrewed rakija, you will learn a lot, and enjoy it even more. Your local guide will show you all the scars of the recent civil war, but more importantly how they use them as a lesson on the importance of unity and forgiveness. From the cable car ride to the abandoned bobsleigh luge to visiting the Tunnel of Salvation, this city will not leave you indifferent. For all the nature lovers there are the stunning Kravice Waterfalls, and Neretva River by the famous Mostar bridge. To cap it all off, you get to spend a night in the amazing city of Dubrovnik – the crown jewel of the Mediterranean coast. For further information on our Mini Bosnia Experience

If any of these have fuelled your wanderlust then please don’t hesitate to get in contact and we’ll get it organised for you.

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