Best Indoor Activities in Ljubljana


With an area covering 163 square kilometres, discovery is very much the name of the game when visiting the capital. Although during the summer months, rain can be a rarity, when visiting in the colder months, it can be heavier and more frequent. This means that you may be looking for some indoor activities to do during your trip, as not to dampen your time in the city.

Fortunately, Ljubljana has you covered, literally. There are so many choices for indoor activities in the city that you’ll have no trouble in finding ways to spend the colder or rainy days. Take a look below to discover our indoor activities and attractions in Ljubljana.

Cooking Classes

Slovenia’s cuisine is one that takes influence from its neighbouring nations, including the Western European styles from Italy and Central European dishes from Croatia and Austria. Meat and potato dishes are prevalent in Slovenia, with pork and chicken being the most commonly consumed. Desserts are also something that the Slovenians do exceptionally well, with plenty of pastries and cakes adorning menus across the country.

One of the best ways to get to know Slovenian cuisine is to cook it yourself, and what better way than a cooking class? There are two main cooking classes in the capital, Cook Eat Slovenia or Cooking Class Slovenia. Both of these will offer you hands-on experience and let you get to grips with some basic Slovenian dishes. They will also guide you through the history of Slovenian cuisine and teach you useful tips and tricks to take home with you. Why not check out our amazing recipe for Prekmurska Gibanica, a traditional Slovenian dessert, right here on our blog!


Ljubljana is home to numerous fascinating and insightful museums, all of which are perfect for spending a rainy afternoon exploring. We’ve covered a whole range of museums in our blog article here, but the standout ones are definitely the Museum of Contemporary Art, the National Gallery and the National Museum of Slovenia.

Slovenia is also home to many smaller venues that focus on niche areas of expertise. Two examples of this include the Museum of Puppetry, which houses a collection of historic and somewhat creepy puppet designs. Additionally, there is the Exhibition of Torture Devices which, as expected, houses some barbaric and strange contraptions used throughout human history; a unique way to spend a day in Ljubljana!

Shopping Centre

If torture isn’t really your thing, how about some retail therapy? Ljubljana has a range of department stores and shopping centres, both in the city and on the outskirts. In the city, the main shopping buildings are called NAMA and Maximarket. NAMA has been open since 1965 and is home to five storeys which offer anything from clothes and accessories to household goods and food. There is also a café on the top floor which offers great views across the city. NAMA is open every day except Sunday until 9pm.

Maximarket is located on Republic Square, and despite its slightly bleak exterior, the inside is anything but. It stocks well-known brands in clothes, cosmetics and homeware; there is also an extensive chocolate shop! When taking a break from shopping, why not head to one of the three restaurants on-site?

Out of town, there are two large commercial areas, BTC City and Shopping Center Rudnik. Both of these locations are large scale areas with a plethora of shops to choose from. BTC City is also home to a range of other facilities such as a gym, swimming pool, restaurants and bars, perfect for spending the whole day out.

Live Performances

When visiting the capital, why not head to a live theatre performance or catch the latest movie release? Numerous theatres in the city can easily be walked to from local accommodation. Lutkovno gledališče Ljubljana is a theatre that shows a range of dramatic performances ranging from intricate puppet shows to theatre adventures, along with classic dance and drama productions. There is also the Opera House in which operas and ballets can be seen. 

Drink and Food Tours

If you’re keen to dive into the local’s way of living, then why not start with a guided food or drink tour in the city? These tours will take you to different locations around the city allowing you to sample some of the finest locally sourced food and drink, including Slovenia’s fine array of craft beers.

Depending on which tour you choose, you can also visit the brewery museum, set up by Pivovarna Union brewery, to showcase the way beer has been made in the country

Axe Throwing

Fancy something a little different? A new craze has swept across the city of Ljubljana in the form of axe throwing. Located in the northeast area of the city, Axe Throwing Europe – Sekiromet is a specialised location for people to release their inner lumberjack. Up to 100 people can throw real axes at wooden targets, in a safe and civilised manner, much like darts or bowling! Each player will be able to have 90 minutes of axe throwing fun and can grab a drink and some food before or after with the in-house bar offering drinks and snacks for all.

If you would like to spend some time in the city of Ljubljana, but also venture out into other areas of the country, why not check out our range of holidays in Slovenia? During the winter, the husky experience is our most popular option and will see you learn to mush like a pro!

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