Montenegro Travel Bucket List


As we edge closer to spring of 2021, we begin to wonder where in the world we would like to visit this year. Our question to you would be – why not try somewhere new this year? Perhaps somewhere such as Montenegro? Even if you’ve visited this Balkan gem before, there are plenty of reasons to revisit and see or do something new. In this article, we look at what should be on your list when visiting the amazing country of Montenegro!

White Water Rafting

Although this may seem like an activity only adrenaline junkies might pursue, Montenegro has a selection of areas that offer varied rafting experiences. From blood pumping, fast-paced action to a more sedate experience giving you a chance to soak in the surroundings. The Tara Canyon is a prime location for white water rafting as it offers a great chance to get in the water and experience the thrill of rafting. But also allows rafters to enjoy the spectacular natural scenery that the canyon has to offer.

Lunch on Sveti Stefan

Perhaps one of the most photographed areas of the country, Sveti Stefan is a small islet located approximately 6km from the town of Budva. The islet is home to a five-star luxury resort that prides itself on offering guests a truly unique experience. With a nearly complete 360-degree view of the sea, this is truly a marvellous place to soak up the Montenegran weather and atmosphere. Prices for accommodation at the resort can often be costly, so if you’re looking for a more budget-friendly option, we’d suggest a compromise of having lunch in the restaurant there. Because of the hotel’s status, lunch is strictly just lunch, so you won’t have chance to use the facilities or explore the island. 

Taste Njeguški Pršut

A ten month ageing process and a dedicated tradition is what makes Montenegro’s Njeguški Pršut (a dry cured ham similar to Italy’s prosciutto) a must-try Montenegrin delicacy. The taste and aroma are a result of the sea air from the coast and the mountain air from which they transport the hams. The entire production process takes from ten months to a year and the result is truly spectacular!

Kayak in Kotor Bay

Staying in the town of Kotor and instead of looking out across the water, why not float on it? Kayaking in the bay is a fantastic way to see the town from an entirely different perspective and a chance to really appreciate the crystal clear water. There are a number of small bays and shallow areas to explore, and with the bay being mostly sheltered from the elements, it’s rare that you’ll have any waves to contend with.

Climbing Kotor’s Old Walls

The walls of Kotor can be difficult to pick out during the day, with the grey stone blending into the mountains that they are built into. The walls form a circle around the town and can be climbed for a breathtaking vantage point across Kotor and out into the bay. Cool and cloudy days are best for the trip as there are stretches of steep terrain that can exhaust even the hardiest of walkers. However, don’t let this put you off as your effort will be rewarded with some of the best views in all of Montenegro. At night time, the walls are lit and can be seen from either in the town or from across the water in neighbouring Muo.

Hike in Durmitor National Park

Situated in the north-west part of the country, the Durmitor National Park is a truly beautiful natural spectacle. It is the home of the Tara Canyon, the largest canyon in Europe, along with many other idyllic locations such as glacial lakes, towering peaks and stunning vistas. During the early months of the year, the park is a ski resort with people hitting the many slopes to get their adrenaline fix. During summer, it is a popular location for hiking, rafting and other outdoor activities.

Visit Our Lady of the Rocks (Perast)

Perast is an old town located on the Bay of Kotor, close to the towns of Kotor and Muo. The town is a UNESCO Heritage protected town and is a beautiful location to visit during your time in Montenegro. The town is also known for its proximity to the two islands of Saint George and Our Lady of the Rocks. The island is home to a small church and museum that has had very little interference from the modern world, almost like stepping back in time! We’d suggest spending just under an hour on the island; the tour takes roughly half an hour giving you some time before and after to look around for yourself.

Drink Rakija

This fiery liquid is considered to be the national drink of the country and is not for the faint-hearted! It is believed to instantly destroy bacteria, help with any muscle or stomach pain you may have, disinfect wounds and annihilate viruses. The drink can be made out of almost any fruit and typically has any alcohol content of between 40% and 80%. It is very common for households to each have someone that can produce the drink meaning that there are endless different concoctions. Harvest time is a very friendly and communal season with people coming together to enjoy the fruits of their labour. You will do well to visit the country and escape from trying the drink, although, we’d suggest sipping it at least once to have the experience.

Montenegro’s offering is hugely varied and will give each visitor a unique experience! Our Montenegro tours allow for people to experience a little slice of everything, with a diverse and busy schedule, you’ll have an experience of a lifetime! Get in touch if you would like to find out more!

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