Best Photography Spots in Ljubljana


The capital of Slovenia can be overlooked by many who are seeking a city break. However, this means that for those who do make the roughly two-hour journey, they are rewarded with a beautifully authentic and uncommercialised city. Ljubljana is at the heart of the country, making up roughly 14% of Slovenia’s entire two million population.

The city is home to perhaps the best university in the country, lending it an artistic, creative and youthful vibe. This is kept in check by the steadfast locals who work to preserve the heritage and authenticity of Ljubljana. These two cultures and styles have led to an interesting blend of architecture, influences and landscapes. If you have a keen eye for travel photography and want to expand your European horizons, then there are few better places than Ljubljana. Here’s our guide to some of the best spots in the city.

Nebotičnik Skyscraper

One of the finest viewpoints you can find, the ‘skyscraper’ offers visitors a chance to gaze across the city’s skyline and grab some inspired photos. The spot also offers a brilliant view of the castle across the city, standing tall on the hill. Nebotičnik has 12 floors and stands at roughly 70m tall, not the highest of skyscrapers, but in comparison to the surrounding buildings, you’ll still be offered an uninterrupted view. There is also a bar available at the top for drinks and snacks too!

Prešeren Square

This is the main square in the city and offers some good shots, either of you and your travel companions, or of the surrounding buildings. The church on the square is particularly beautiful during sunrise or sunset, and the closeby Tromostovje (Triple Bridge) can add a great backdrop for your shots.

Museum of Modern Art

If you’re looking to take your photography indoors, then the Museum of Modern Art is a great place to grab some top shots, both of the art, and of the connoisseurs. The entry fee is only €5, and you can easily spend over an hour browsing through the vast selection they have. Even if you’re not on a photography trip, this is a great place to stop off.

Ljubljana Castle

Whether you’re taking some shots from afar or want to get up close and personal with the structure, the castle looks majestic from any angle. They have a regular calendar of events and offer guided tours with enthusiastic and knowledgable staff. Basic tickets for entry are €10 and can be upgraded to include additional features or tours. You’ll be able to explore inside and out, and have no end to photo opportunities.

Stari Trg

This quaint street is an excellent location if you’re looking for a more authentic travel shot. In the summer, the cafes and shops are buzzing with both locals and visitors making for a great photo. With tables set up outside and the sun shining down, this will surely make your friends envious back home.

Ribja Brv Footbridge

Perhaps one of the most popular photo spots in the city, this bridge offers wonderful views across the river and will make for a beautiful shot. When the sun starts to set, the bridge illuminates and becomes a popular place for both locals and visitors to gather for a photo. The bridge is located just a few minutes from the castle and is surrounded by places to eat, drink and to spend the evening.

The Tivoli Park

Situated at the heart of the city, Tivoli Park is a great place to grab some top notch snaps. With a diverse landscape from blossoming flower beds to densely wooded areas, the park can offer a great range of shots. It’s also a great place to come and relax, escaping the busyness of the city streets. The park is located on the edge of the Rožnik hill and has immediate access to excellent walking trails.

Cankarjevo Nabrežje

Conveniently located between the Tromostovje and the Ribja Brv, this street is lined with cafes and restaurants that all offer plenty of al-fresco dining. This means that the streets are often packed with tables and chairs, ready for people to start their afternoon or evening. Looking across the water, you’ll be met with colourful buildings that’ll make an excellent reflection shot in the still water below.

If you’ve got a favourite holiday photo, either from Slovenia or any other European city, we’d love to see it! Equally, if you’d prefer to visit Slovenia in winter, then the Husky Experience will definitely be for you!

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