September Travel Ideas


With the UK’s (and other European countries’) summer holidays coming to a close, prices begin to fall back down, and the prevalence of young children begins to decline. If you are travelling with children, September can allow you to see some more luxurious destinations for a fraction of the price during summer; something we’d suggest taking advantage of. Similarly, you could choose to spend your time in less travelled destinations, safe in the knowledge you’ll be receiving a more authentic travel experience, rather than being on a conveyor belt of tourists.

In this article, we’ll be looking into some of the best destinations that you can spend your hard-earned money on this year.


September is an excellent time to visit this African, Middle Eastern and European hybrid. With Turkey being an extremely popular summer destination, the crowds begin to decrease throughout the month. This is perfect for couples who want to have a slightly quieter or more romantic break away as you won’t be overwhelmed with families abroad. Equally, for travellers looking for a more traditional experience, September can offer this too.

With July and August being the warmest months of the year, September will begin to offer more temperate climes, allowing you to get out and about without melting in the heat. The beachside locations of Marmaris and Antalya are great for relaxing breaks away, but this will only scratch the surface of the country. Exploring the grand bazaar in Istanbul and getting airborne in one of Cappadocia’s famous balloons will give you a deeper insight into this beautiful country.


Similar to Turkey in influence, with European, Middle Eastern and African styles, Morocco is a beautiful place as summer comes to a close. Morocco is the North Western most country on the continent of Africa; however, it is extremely close to Spain, just nine miles apart separated by the Strait of Gibraltar. This proximity to Europe doesn’t stop Morocco from having its own character and charm, and the country has created a unique image for itself.

Flights typically take just over three hours to reach the popular destination of Marrakech, but in that time you will have been transported to a whole new world. September will bring with it similar benefits to Turkey, as the family resorts will be much quieter and fewer tourists will be wandering the streets. The weather will also be cooler but still with minimal rainfall.

This slight shift in temperature will allow you to get out and about to explore and enjoy the amazing Moroccan surroundings. Primarily, the cities of Marrakech, Casablanca and the capital, Rabat, are perfect for discovery. If you plan to venture outside of the cities, we’d suggest doing so with a group or tour guide to ensure you remain safe. There are many amazing locations in Morocco, ranging from the vast Sahara Desert which covers most of the northern part of Africa to the luscious green hillsides just an hour or two from the city.


If you’re feeling all spent out after the summer, don’t feel like you have to shut yourself away throughout the colder months. Staycations are a great way to get out and explore the world without having to splash the cash on a holiday abroad. Scotland is a great place to visit in September and offers something entirely different from the first two locations on the list. September’s temperatures are similar to that of July and August ranging from the mid to high teens, with the potential to drop below ten Celsius.

The key to surviving Scottish weather is layers and plenty of them. During the day, a light jacket or raincoat may be required, however, if you plan to visit the Highlands, then thermals and wet-weather gear will be obligatory. September is perfect for those who like to get outdoors, as there will still be plenty of sunshine (7 hours) and the fierce weather will not have started to hit.


If chilly Scotland isn’t cool enough for you, then why not head further north to the beautiful fjord-laden country of Norway? The later in the month you leave it, the better, especially if you’re looking to grab a glimpse of the famous Aurora Borealis. With the nights beginning to draw in, visitors will likely have only five hours of sunshine per day; however, this is still plenty of time to take an array of amazing photos of your surroundings.

If you’re visiting one of the cities such as Oslo or Bergen, September will be a great time to do just that. There will be fewer summer crowds, and the winter visitors will not have started to arrive just yet, which makes exploring a little more relaxed. The temperatures will still be very chilly; therefore, you’ll need to bring plenty of warm layers as well as some sturdy and waterproof shoes to carry you on your adventures.


Caught somewhere in the middle of the warm temperatures of Turkey and Morocco and the colder temperatures of Scotland and Norway, Italy in September is a sight to behold. Although some hotter days can bleed into the month, hitting the high 20s, typically low to mid-20s is what you’ll be experiencing. Perfect t-shirt weather and ideal for exploring the many charming towns and cities that Italy has to offer!

Southern Italy’s region of Puglia is perfect for a pre-winter getaway, boasting amazing food and drink, gorgeous towns to explore and expansive countryside too! Bari is the region’s largest city, and not only does it offer the chance to explore the many quaint shops and cafes, but to take a dip in the Adriatic with its city-side beaches.

We hope this article has provided the necessary inspiration to grab your passport and head out into the world this September. If you are interested in heading to one of the countries we’ve listed, whether it’s Morocco’s desert experience or Italy’s Dolce Vita trip, get in touch via our website here!

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