End the painful process of splitting the bill


You’re travelling with a group of friends or family, you’ve had a lovely meal, everyone is a little sun-kissed and enjoyed their fair share of wine and laughter and then the sobering moment arrives along with the bill as one poor member of the group reluctantly volunteers to calculate who owes what. It all sounds far too familiar, doesn’t it! 

The beauty of Tricount is its simplicity

Well, we may just have found the solution with Tricount, the very simple app that allows you to easily keep track of costs and leaves no one out of pocket. You just enter your trip, currency and invite your travel companions to join and you’re ready to go. Every time there is a group cost picked up by one the group you simply add it to the app and it will split the costs evenly. You can even snap and store receipts in case there are any queries. Finally an end to those sobering moments!

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