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Having witnessed, first hand, travel insurance companies doing all they can to wriggle out of delivering what most of us believe we pay them for during the coronavirus pandemic, I wanted to recommend a travel insurance company that is not only fair, delivering when you need them to but whose genuine intention seems to be to support and encourage people to go on adventures and explore the world.

Let me introduce to you the 5 star rated (by its customers) truly awesome travel insurance company, True Traveller. I first came across True Traveller when I was in South Africa and was invited at short notice to Botswana for a mobile safari, not something you turn down, but the only catch was I could only go if I could get suitable travel insurance, no problem I thought but little did I realise. Unless you are currently in your resident country, it’s very difficult to get travel insurance as almost all travel insurance companies insure from when you leave your home country to when you return and for no more than 90 days. I frantically scoured the internet for hours until eventually and thankfully I came across True Traveller and I’ve never used anyone else since.

Intuitive and easy to use, True Traveller‘s outstanding platform allows you build your own package adding exactly what you need so you’re not being insured for something unnecessary and then they provide you with an instant automated quote. If while on holiday you decide to do something you hadn’t anticipated such as white water rafting, husky sledging or rock climbing, you can add the extra insurance required to your existing insurance and pay the difference. It is that simple!

True Traveller is run by people with a background in travel and it shows. They understand that on the rare occasions things don’t go as expected it’s their responsibility, so they ensure that you have the appropriate insurance, which is where most high street insurance companies fall short. True Traveller paid out insurance for trips affected by the coronavirus that were booked before March 16th 2020 – now that is the support and peace of mind I want from my insurance company.

Some personal photos from my mobile safari in Botswana including my best leopard sighting, which was made possible by True Traveller’s unique flexibility

Written by James Chisnall, Untravelled Paths

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