Travel Tips for Short Breaks


The definition of a short break will be different from person to person, with some people defining a weekend away as a short break, others will refer to Monday to Friday trips but for the purpose of this article, we’ll refer to short breaks as sub-seven days trips away. Typically, these breaks are whirlwind visits and can seem rushed without any careful thought or planning. However, whether you’re staying for a weekend or a couple of days longer, this amount of time is perfectly adequate to fully enjoy your destination. In this article, we’ll be looking at tips to follow so that you can enjoy your mini-break to the max and have a great time away!

The Right Destination is the Key

Sprawling cities such as London, Madrid or Rome have enough attractions, museums and adventures that even two months would not be enough to scratch the surface, let alone two days. Compact cities can be more easily explored and appreciated in lesser time, with attractions, restaurants and accommodation typically being closer together meaning less travel time and more fun time! Cities such as Bruges, Utrecht or Sighisoara in Romania would make ideal short break destinations and can offer a jam-packed schedule across two days.

Timing Is Key

Choosing when you book your break can literally be ‘make or break’, with great deals to be had if you’re smart about how and when you book. According to Skyscanner, it’s best to book international flights roughly 5-6 months in advance of the leaving date, however, because of the many websites that offer last minute deals, booking with less than a week to go could also offer some cheap options.

As long as you’re flexible with where you want to go and which airline you chose, you’ll have no trouble snagging a great deal. If you choose to book your flights early, we’d recommend doing the same with your accommodation. Granted, you’ll miss out on the chance to grab a great late deal, but booking early will allow you to have a greater selection of apartments and hotels, so you can be as choosey as you like!

Make It Memorable

Visiting a new place with so much to offer can sometimes be a little overwhelming. With hundreds of sights and experiences waiting to be had, analysis paralysis can kick in, and we’re left endlessly deliberating about which tour to take or which museum to visit. Choose something you like and do it in this new place, without worry of how many hours you’re allotting to this enjoyment. It’s better to have one great time doing something you love than trying to cram in loads of different experiences and rushing the whole trip.

Book a Tour During Your Stay

Cheesy tourist tours should be avoided at all costs and replaced with something more personal and intimate. If you look beyond the tourist traps, you’ll find a selection of well-curated and well-presented tours with guides that know and love the area. For example, our tours have smaller group sizes to allow for you and your fellow travellers to have your own experience with the places, without worry of being crowded by the rest of the group.

Be Spontaneous and Don’t be Afraid to Abandon Plans

Often, we find that the unexpected adventures that happen on trips stay in our memories longer than those that we have been planning weeks in advance. Because of this, we’d suggest being spontaneous and not being afraid to cut short plans that aren’t what you expected. If you’ve paid money to visit an attraction and aren’t enjoying yourself, cut your losses and move on to the next thing. You could even try something new or jump into something that you didn’t plan! Ask locals for their recommendations as this can shed some light on something that you may have never even considered.

Don’t Ruin Your Final Day

Whether you’ve been away for two days, two weeks or two months, the final day away never gets any easier; especially if you’ve had a great trip! Many of us can let the thought of departure get in the way of doing activities on the last day and just be preoccupied with our departure plans. To avoid this, we’d suggest setting an alarm (or three) on your phone for the time that you need to leave and forgetting about it. Head out into the town or city and enjoy your final day as if it’s your last – because it is!

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