Unique Skiing Experiences


In this article, we’ll explore some of the most unique ski resorts and experiences that you can have. We’ve tried to fit in something for all budgets and a range of destinations, they’ll be something here for everyone. If, after reading this, you are itching to get your skis and hit the slopes, then we’d recommend checking out our Oukaimeden ski package.

Aviemore, Scotland

Starting with something a little closer to home than most would expect, Aviemore is a real gem and still relatively under the radar in terms of skiing. Snow is typically expected from January to April which gives you a great opportunity to have a post-winter ski and won’t have to splash out too much after Christmas. The nearest airport is Inverness which is reachable via a flight from London, just under two hours in the air, and then a short 45-minute train journey from Inverness to Aviemore.

Julian Alps, Slovenia

Surrounded by majestic mountains, the picturesque ski resorts of the Julian Alps will offer a truly unique skiing experience, along with some of the best value skiing throughout the Alps. Typically uncrowded, the pistes vary in terrain and size and can provide the perfect place for a beginner to get to grips with the sport, or provide a challenge for more experienced skiers. With reasonably priced accommodation and lift passes, Slovenia should definitely be on your list.

Masikryong, North Korea

Thrust into the limelight after the 2018 winter Olympic games, Korea, more specifically North Korea, has seen a rise in popularity as a ski destination. Masikryong is a resort located at the summit of Taehwa Peak and hosts nine pistes ranging from beginner to intermediate level, a ski school and a kindergarten.

Malam Jabba, Pakistan

Used as a ski destination in winter and a hiking destination in summer, this resort is a true under the radar gem. Pakistan might not be the first place that springs to mind when you think of skiing, but for people looking to push their own expectations, you will be rewarded.

Oukaimeden, Morocco

Located 80KM from the heat and mayhem of Marrakech, are the snow-tipped peaks of the magnificent Atlas Mountains, promising a secret winter playground. It’s best to visit during January and February to ensure a good supply of snow, a month either side and you could be risking your skiing experience. For more information on skiing in the Atlas Mountains, check out our experience here.

Poiana Brasov, Romania

Located in Brasov County, Poiana Brasov hosts more than 13km of ski slopes and 5km of ski routes. These are suitable for all abilities and this is a great value ski destination, suitable as a fun holiday for families or for those with more experience.

Mount Ruapehu, New Zealand

Fancy skiing down under? The immediate benefit of a skiing trip to New Zealand is that you can get on the slopes during months you wouldn’t normally be able to in Europe and other northern hemisphere resorts. Mt Ruapehu is made up of 1000+ hectares of skiable terrain and split across three ski fields, Whakapapa, Turoa and Tukino. The ski fields open from June – October which means you can be skiing for double the time each year!


Perhaps the ultimate skiing destination, Antarctica offers the final frontier when it comes to skiing as it is more extreme in every way. You’ll be part of a very small and select group of people to have had the opportunity to ski in this barren wilderness, what an experience! Skiing in Antarctica, although breathtaking, is only part of the trip as you’ll have the opportunity to explore the gigantic white continent and marvel at the wildlife.

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