5 Best Ways of Exploring Montenegro


Montenegro comprises of everything that we look for from an Untravelled Paths host country. Firstly, and most importantly, it qualifies as being Untravelled, as compared to other ‘recently discovered’ countries such as Croatia, it still flies relatively under the radar. Secondly, it offers opportunities for exploration and adventure, with a whole host of towns, villages and national parks to discover. Additionally, it is a safe country to visit, something we look for from all of our Untravelled locations. Because of these three reasons, Montenegro is an ideal travel destination for those looking to have an adventure. In this article, we take a look at five of the best ways you can explore the country during your time there! 


Montenegro’s unique geographic position allows it to enjoy the best of both worlds when it comes to weather. During the winter seasons, skiing is a common incentive to visit the country. The northern town of Zabljak is a prime location to hit the slopes and explore a lesser toured part of the country. During the summer, the more popular tourist destinations are mostly by the coast, which means that few people find the time to visit inland areas. The scenery that surrounds Zabljak is genuinely stunning with miles of green hills and forest areas.

Southeast of Zabljak you will find Bjelasica, a relatively new snow resort that is attracting more and more visitors over the years. Typically, snow begins to fall in October and has the potential to reach five meters thick by the new year. Usually, you can expect to see snow remaining on the mountains until April meaning that you have plenty of time to grab your skis! Both of these locations will offer tranquil skiing experiences with beautiful 360-degree views across the mountains.


From the mountains down to the sea, Montenegro is ripe for exploration, and what better way to explore the sea than to kayak? The calm and crystal waters of Kotor Bay are an ideal kayaking location for both beginner and advanced kayakers. There are plenty of places you can hire a kayak to explore the bay, and you can even travel across to the opposing town of Muo. Make sure to take care of other water traffic such as cruise ships and sailboats!

Kayaking is also available on Piva Lake towards the northern inland of the country. The lake used to be a river which means that you’re basically kayaking along the canyon with green banks either side of you and blue sky above.


Although the train routes across the country offer some of the most spectacular views, the service and cleanliness of the trains is a little lacking. Fortunately, the views out of the window more than compensate for it as you are presented with rolling hills and mountainous peaks. Routes are available all the way to Belgrade, the capital of Serbia, meaning they are a great way to make your way around the region of Europe. As long as you are prepared for a slightly slower journey (and potentially very hot in summer), you will be offered a very reasonably priced way to see much more of the country. 


Walking is where Montenegro comes into its own, as the country was quite literally made for walking across. There are countless routes, manmade and otherwise, that cover the length and breadth of the country. Whether you would like to walk by the coast, along the mountains or through the forests, there are trails suitable for everyone.

In particular, the main walking routes can be found in national parks such as Durmitor and Lovcen. Durmitor is a large park that can be found in the inland north of the country, with lakes, forests and mountains aplenty. It is an ideal location for walking during the warmer months as it can be cooler than the more southerly coastal towns. On the flipside of this, Lovcen is located just a couple of kilometres from Kotor, which means that during the peak summer months, temperatures can reach as high as 40 Celsius. If you’re planning a walking adventure around this area, we’d suggest avoiding the prime summer months of June, July and August, instead opting for May or September.

Additionally, we’d suggest taking a route through Biogradska Gora national park, starting at the lake and ending in an authentic Montenegrin eco-village with an altitude of 1700 meters. This trail offers truly breathtaking views across the countryside, and the eco-village will provide an insight into real Montenegrin life.


The cycling routes on offer are diverse and spectacular, with a mix of flat, mostly road based routes to more rocky and mountainous terrain for intrepid explorers. The cycle routes around Durmitor and Lovcen national parks are hard to beat as the views across both the inland and coasts respectively are like no other. It is possible to ride from the Bay of Kotor to Lovcen National Park, arriving at the famed mausoleum which presents an all-around view across the country on a clear day.

If you would like to head off to Montenegro and explore this magnificent country, why not check out our range of Montenegro tours? We also have a bunch of useful travel articles on our blog which you can find here!

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