The Wonder Woman

In a nutshell

You’re unlikely to find Cristina sitting down. Ever. Rushed off her feet, available day and night, solving problems left and right, Cristina is our personal brand of fairy godmother.

Did you know

  • Cristina has been with Untravelled Paths since the beginning in 2008.
  • She stopped James from being ripped off by a taxi on his first trip in Romania.
  • Before finding her passion for travel, Cristina studied Law and even got her degree.

  • Her nickname is “Mama Bear” and has been given to her by a guest.


  • What’s the next place on your bucketlist? Barcelona
  • Which one item would you take on a deserted island? Sun lotion
  • What is your most prized possession? My son, Matei
  • What would you choose as your last meal? Seafood

“A truly excellent tour - I have already recommended to many friends and family. Cristina was the perfect guide. ”