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ABOUT Dragos

The Entertainer

In a Nutshell

Dragos likes to have fun, but he will also work tirelessly to ensure you have the best possible experience. This attitude, combined with his affable nature makes his such a fab host. 

Did you know

  • Dragos tried his luck at The Voice Romania
  • You don't have to ask him twice to dance or sing
  • Along with Cristina, he has a son named Matei
  • He is currently learning how to play guitar


  • What’s the next place on your bucket list? Hong Kong
  • Which one item would you take on a deserted island? My guitar
  • What is your most prized possession? My perfumes
  • What would you choose as your last meal? Caviar

“I had an amazing experience with Untravelled Paths. I will definitely recommend them and Dragos has been extremely supportive and kind. ”

A. Atasie