The Bright Spark

In a Nutshell

Oana is young, fun and always one step ahead of the game with her head and heart exactly where they need to be at exactly the right time. Unless of course there’s a good novel around...

Did you know

  • She has two cats: Cat and Louie
  • Her birthday is two days before Christmas, so she always gets double presents
  • Oana's favourite book is "Harry Potter" (she is a Slytherin)
  • She is the clumsiest member of the team


  • What’s the next place on your bucket list? Devil's Pool in Zambia
  • Which one item would you take on a deserted island? A boat
  • What is your most prized possession? My ebook
  • What would you choose as your last meal? Pasta

“The company is second to none when it comes to customer service. Special thanks to Oana who was fantastic!”