The Adriatic and Beyond Experience

September 22 - October 6 2024

The Adriatic and Beyond Experience
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Your trip begins in one of the least explored countries in Europe. With its gorgeous mountains and ancient history, Albania awaits you. Twenty centuries of history in Skhodra with a clash of East and West through religion and culture, combined with Albanian authenticity is making a remarkable mixture. Skhoder with its lake will surely stun you. A scenic bus drive and a ferry trip later, you’ll be in Valbona Valley. Just stargazing for two nights in Valbona and Theth at 700 meters altitude with virtually no light pollution. A hike over the Valbona pass, a waterfall in Theth and trekking over the magnificent Alps to walk back into Montenegro. Next, you’ll be travelling along the stunning Tara canyon visiting another beautiful monastery and the amazing Tara bridge, which you'll have the option to zipline across. The following two nights you will spend at an ethno village, on the bank of yet another canyon, enjoying delicious food, engaging in outdoor activities such as white water rafting, or simply resting – not too many places are better than Rudinice. For the following leg of the trip you will travel over to Bosnia, where history unravels in Sarajevo and Mostar. Lastly, the coastline of Montenegro awaits. Don't miss the chance to see the view from the ancient fortress, and also to visit Perast islands – one of them man-made so that a beautiful church could be built on it.


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