The Halloween Dracula Experience

October 27 - 31 2023

The Halloween Dracula Experience
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Let us transport you deep into the stony heart of the Transylvanian countryside to a remote corner of the Carpathian Mountains. Receive a cold welcome to the legendary Bran Castle, commonly known as Dracula’s Castle, and real life setting of Bram Stoker’s sinister novel where you’ll unravel the secrets of the castle. You’ll also have the opportunity to climb up to the crumbling ruins of Rasnov Fortress and admire some truly spectacular views of the bleak Transylvanian landscape. Discover Transylvania’s medieval towns of Brasov and Sighisoara, where Vlad Tepes was born, and even cross the water over to Snagov Monastery where Vlad the Impaler’s headless body was discovered by monks on the island.


October 2023
Oct 27 - 31 2023
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