The Bologna Experience


Explore the world's food capital while enjoying Balsamic, Parmesan and Parma Ham tastings. Discover Bologna on a food tour and cook with locals in Modena.

Apr - Oct
4 nights

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Capital of the world’s top food region, known for its stunning architecture, delicious cuisine, and fascinating history. It’s a little bit different from the rest of Italy, you’ll see why when you explore it like a local on your food-walking tour.    

Tasting Tours

Tasting Tours

Nothing quite illustrates better why the region is world-renowned for its food than the tasting tours. It really is an art form, with an incredible amount of time, care, and patience involved to create such delicious produce.

Cooking Lesson

Cooking Lesson

You’ll learn to cook with a local. It’s a super fun experience that not only allows you to learn about the local cooking but gives you the opportunity to interact with your very hospitable hosts and of course eat lunch!



A contrastingly beautiful city to Bologna is famed for its Balsamic vinegar, Ferrari factory and museum, and Romanesque cathedral. It’s also home to lively markets, cosy trattorias and some great shopping.

“We absolutely loved this trip, all the tastings and the food tour but a special mention has to be left for the cooking lesson - we had so much fun!”




Take a journey through the world’s most famous food region and have your taste buds well and truly awakened. On your first day, you'll arrive at Bologna airport where one of our friendly team members will be waiting to transfer you to your accommodation. Then you’ll have the rest of the day to enjoy the vibrant city of Bologna. The following day kicks off with a late morning food tour of Bologna, where you'll learn the fascinating history of this beautiful city, and of course, taste its world-renowned food. Then, in the afternoon, you'll be transferred to Modena, a pretty Italian town that is famed for being home to Ferrari, Balsamic vinegar, and some fabulous restaurants. The next day you'll get an insight into the art of Balsamic vinegar, from the history to the care required to produce the very best vinegar. You'll then learn to cook like a local while interacting with hospitable hosts before enjoying the fruits of your labour for a tasty lunch. The rest of your day in Modena will be at your leisure. On your penultimate day, you'll visit a Parmesan factory and local family-run Parma ham producer to taste the region's most popular cheese and ham, before exploring the city of Parma and having lunch. Finally, Day 5 takes you back to the airport for your departure. Come experience the beauty and culinary delights of Bologna and its neighbours with us!




The Brains Behind the Operation - Meet James



The Team Player - Meet Marius M


DURATION 4 nights
GROUP SIZE 8 people
AIRPORT(S) Bologna
FLIGHTS For details of flights from the UK please see the Trip Details section.
VISA UK, EU & US not required


Day 1 Arrive in Bologna

Arrive at Bologna airport where you'll be met by one of the team who will transfer you to your accommodation. Rest of the day at your leisure. 


  • Airport Pick-up


  • Visit Piazza Maggiore
  • Visit the Two Towers
Day 2 Discover Bologna & Modena

Late morning food tour of Bologna, where you'll have the opportunity to learn about this beautiful city through its fascinating history and of course taste its world-renowned food. 

In the afternoon you'll be transferred to Modena, a more typical pretty Italian town that perfectly contrasts with the Renaissance architecture of Bologna. Once you've checked in you'll have the rest of the day at your leisure. 


  • Breakfast
  • Bologna Food Tour


  • Visit the Ferrari Museum
  • Visit the Duomo di Modena
Day 3 Balsamic Vinegar & Cooking Lesson

Morning transfer to a local Balsamic vineyard where you'll learn about the history of Balsamic vinegar as well as the patience and care required to produce the very best vinegar. You'll have the opportunity to taste various different ages of Balsamic to get a true understanding of the art.

After your tour and tasting, you'll be taken for your next experience which is learning to cook with a local. This super fun experience not only allows you to learn about the local cooking but gives you the opportunity to interact with your very hospitable hosts.

After lunch, you'll have the rest of the day at your leisure.


  • Breakfast
  • Balsamic Vinegar Tour & Tasting
  • Cooking Lesson
Day 4 Explore Emilia-Romagna

In the morning you'll be taken to a local Parmesan factory to learn about the really interesting and intricate process required to produce the region's most popular cheese. Then of course you'll get to taste differing ages of Parmesan with various condiments to enhance the flavour. 

Then you'll be taken to a local family-run Parma ham producer to learn about the precise, painstaking process to create Italy's most famous ham which of course you'll also get to try plenty of!

Then you'll be taken to the city of Parma itself where you'll have some time to explore and have lunch before being taken back to Bologna where you'll have the rest of the day at your leisure.


  • Parmesan Tour & Tasting
  • Parma Ham Tour & Tasting
  • Breakfast
Day 5 Depart Bologna

Take the morning to relax, if you're flight isn't early before checking out. Once you've checked out, if your flight is later in the day then you'll be able to leave your luggage at reception. 

Your transfer to the airport will be from your hotel.


  • Breakfast
  • Airport Transfer


  • Visit Piazza Maggiore
  • Visit the Two Towers


A selection of our accommodation, which is subject to availability, however alternatives are always of a similar price, grade and location.



With all lodgings well located in Bologna, you'll be well placed to explore the charming old town of the city including the Piazza Maggiore.
Typical Accommodation: Torte & Lini, Villa Savioli or similar 



With all lodgings well located in Modena so you'll be well placed to explore the beautiful old town, visit the cathedral, shops and restaurants. 
Typical Accommodation: La Corte Dei Sogni, La Casa di Valeria or similar 



Italy is the world's most renowned food destination and Emilia-Romagna is a culinary paradise, and for food lovers, it's a must-visit destination. This Italian region is famous for its culinary traditions, with Bologna and Modena being the jewels in the crown. Bologna is known as the "food capital of Italy," and its cuisine is rich and hearty. The city's signature dish is tagliatelle al ragù, a pasta dish with a meaty tomato sauce. Modena is the birthplace of Balsamic vinegar, and visitors can tour the vineyards and taste the delicious vinegar. The region is also known for its Parmigiano-Reggiano cheese, prosciutto di Parma, and Lambrusco wine. With its picturesque towns, beautiful landscapes, and mouth-watering cuisine, Emilia-Romagna really is the promised land for foodies and a perfect destination for those who want to indulge in the best of Italian cuisine.

  • Bologna become a UNESCO City of Music in 2006.
  • Bologna is home to the World's oldest university.
  • The creator of the Ferrari brand, Enzi Ferrari, was born in Modena
  • Luciano Pavarotti was also born in Modena.



“Inevitably you are likely to come back with more than you had when you left so bear that in mind when packing and purchasing your luggage allowance!”

James - Untravelled Paths

Untravelled Paths - James


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Opening Hours

Please bear in mind that shops tend to close for lunch from just after midday until later in the afternoon around 3pm or 4pm so it's a good time for an afternoon siesta! Most shops tend to be open until 8pm and often later.

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Eat like the locals

Given the siesta culture, Italians eat dinner late, so sync your eating times so you're not on your own. If hunger strikes early have an afternoon snack (a merenda) and grab a pasticciotto at the local pastry shop.

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Baggage Allowance

Inevitably you'll are likely to come back with more than you had when you left so bear that in mind when purchasing your luggage allowance! It's better value online than at the check-in desk.

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Add Puglia

If you want to literally burst the belt buckle then why not combine your trip with our 4-night Dolce Vita Experience in Puglia for more culinary excellence. Let us know if you're interested.


    • 2 nights in Bologna
    • 2 nights in Modena
    • All breakfasts
    • 2 lunches
    • Bologna Food Walking Tour
    • Parmesan Tour & Tasting
    • Parma Ham Tour & Tasting
    • Balsamic Vinegar Tour & Tasting
    • Homestead Cooking Lesson

As a tour operator we are not able to offer inclusive flights as part of our experiences however we are more than happy to help you find the most appropriate incoming and outgoing flights for you. All the listed airports fly directly in and out of Bucharest with multiple different airlines to choose from. We highly recommend using Skyscanner to find the cheapest flights.

  • Ryan Air (Stansted, Luton)
  • Easy Jet (Gatwick)
  • British Airways (Heathrow)
  • Ryan Air (Manchester)
  • Ryan Air (Edinburgh)


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What is the currency?

As a member of the European Union, the currency in Italy is the euro, or the ‘eh-uro’ as the Italians say. 

Where can I get a hold of the currency?

The easiest option is to head to a cash machine once you’ve touched down in Italy to withdraw funds. There are ATMs in most of the towns you’re staying in so access shouldn’t be a problem just take note of the advice below when it comes to withdrawing and bear in mind that you typically won’t be able to take out more than €250 a day. Alternatively, you can exchange currency (cambio) at a bank. If you’d like to change money at a bank then do make sure you go in the mornings as local banks are often closed during the afternoon. If you want to get hold of euros beforehand, head to an exchange bureau in the UK when the euro is readily available. You can also purchase currency online and collect it from your local post office or even have it delivered straight to your door. Ordering currency online with the Post Office is commission-free and available for next-day delivery. Obviously, the more you buy the better rate you’ll receive. 

Can I pay by debit/credit card?

Most major credit and debit cards (Visa and Mastercard) are accepted throughout Puglia however it can be a good idea to have cash on you just in case. As a general rule though you should have no problem using your card to pay for drinks or dinner. It is always advisable to inform your bank that you’re travelling abroad in order to avoid the frustration of having your card blocked.

What sort of budget would I need?

As a general rule, you’ll be able to have a good lunch for around £10 a head and will pay around £15 a head for a nice evening meal. Naturally, the type of establishment you choose to eat in and what you order will dictate the cost of your meals. Be aware that ordering imported drinks can cause your bill to sky-rocket so drinking local wines, beers or spirits is advisable (besides, sampling the local products is what you’re here for!). We reckon around £200 for meals, drinks and snacks for two people is plenty. Please note that these are rough estimates and you can always choose to spend more or less depending on your budget and preferences.

Do I need to tip?

Tipping in Bologna is by no means compulsory, however, it is customary in restaurants. Bear in mind that most restaurants will also include a cover charge (coperto) of around €1.50–3 a head. Some also include service charge (servizio) on top of that, generally amounting to ten percent. If it isn’t included do leave an appropriate tip relative to the standard of service you’ve received. In cafes, do as the Italians do and leave some small change on the bar when you’ve ordered and paid for your coffee however if you decide to sit down at a table then the same restaurant tipping guidelines apply. It is also commonplace to round up fares in a taxi to the nearest euro.

Who should I contact in case of an emergency?

You can always contact the UTP team on +44 207 101 4061 or Before you travel, you will also receive a personalised itinerary with the contact details of the local manager in Italy should there be any problems. Your guide will be on hand throughout the trip as well, so you're in safe hands.

How do I go about booking extra activities?

Our digital booklet, which you will receive before travel, contains all the information you need about optional activities. Simply drop us an email letting us know what you'd like to do during your trip, and we'll take care of the rest. Please note that the payment for the optional activities will be taken locally in cash.

Is tap water safe?

The water is safe to drink throughout Italy and you're likely to come across an abundance of public fountains in town squares. Just avoid drinking water where signs read ‘aqua non portibile’ as the water is unsafe to drink. Despite all this, we always recommend sticking to bottled water, which is widely available just in case - an upset tummy is not ideal on such a wonderful foodie experience!

Can you cater for my dietary requirements?

As this is a foodie experience, we will ensure everyone will be able to enjoy it to the fullest. For dietary requirements, please let us know beforehand, and the team will make sure they are catered for.