The Best Hiking Trails in Slovenia


Slovenia is a literal spider’s web of walking trails, with some 10,000km worth of routes to choose from. These trails range from challenging, mountainous treks to much more accessible flatland walks through forests and meadows. Whatever trail you’re looking for, Slovenia undoubtedly will have one that matches.

Looking to Stretch Your Legs?

Slovenia is well adept at offering some of the best and most authentic hiking experiences in Europe, with plenty of accommodation along the trails often providing hikers with a tasty, home-cooked traditional meal and an opportunity to meet others on the route.

Take a look through our favourite routes in Slovenia to see which of them best suits you for your next journey to this amazing country!

Hiking The Soča Trail

This beautiful route forms a small part of a much larger route called the Alpe Adria, making up 25km of the 640km total. However, this small section is said to be one of the most attractive, as it effortlessly guides you through the natural scenery of northwestern Slovenia.

This route avoids any roads, meaning you won’t have to navigate through any car traffic and can focus solely on the natural surroundings.

The trail commences at the Soča spring and guides you all the way to Bovec (or you could choose the reverse route) and will generally take eight hours to complete. That being said, with various accommodations available on the way, you could choose to slow it down and explore a little more, spreading the route across two days.

The terrain on the trail is reasonable, and there are signposts to keep you heading in the right direction. There are no significant climbs on the route, but sturdy walking footwear should be worn along with carrying provisions such as water and energy snacks.

Slovenian Mountain Trail

For the ultimate adventurers among you, how does a 28-day, 599km trail sound? For the more experienced hikers looking for a serious challenge, this is certainly going to provide that! During the trail, you’ll encounter over 40 mountain huts, 23 peaks and five towns.

Commencing in Maribor in the northeast of the country, the route takes walkers across the roof of the country as you trek from northeast to northwest Slovenia. Upon reaching the Triglav National Park, the trail then heads south, hugging the Italian border. You’ll end the trek in the quaint town of Ankaran on the brief sliver of Slovenian coastline.

Explore Slovenia's Natural Beauty

This route is certainly not one for the faint-hearted and will require serious physical preparation and logistical planning. We’d suggest heading on the trail with a guide, or with a group of experienced walkers and certainly not attempting the trail solo, as you could easily get lost in the mountains due to fog.

Route Through Logar Valley

This trail is the perfect starting point for those looking to build up their hiking ability or want something a little more accessible. Taking roughly two to three hours to complete and typically on reasonable terrain, the trail through Logar Valley is one of beauty and serenity.

Because of the accessibility of the trail, this one can easily be completed solo or without a guide, although these are available should you wish. There is also a small portion of the trail that is wheelchair friendly, which passes by the mountaineer’s hut.

On the route, you’ll be surrounded by the natural beauty of the country, with wild plants and woodlands, along with the Savinja river. Reaching this location typically takes an hour and a half by car as you’ll struggle to access this location by other means.

The Otlica Natural Window Trail

Commencing at the Pale Sports Park on the western side of the country, this route is a perfect introduction to hiking in Slovenia with a range of more accessible terrain along with a handful of steeper sections, all of which are well-maintained.

During the spring, the trail is particularly impressive as the rain from winter allows flora and fauna to flourish in the sunshine, creating colourful natural mosaics across the landscape.

Firstly, you’ll encounter the source of the Hubelj River, crossing a bridge to join another well-marked trail. As you follow the gradual ascent, you’ll find the first natural clearing and be presented with the Otlica Window, a natural hole in the rockface which offers unparalleled views across the landscape.

The length of the route is roughly 8km and can be completed in three to four hours, depending on whether you stop for lunch or refreshments. This is a route that can definitely be savoured, so taking your time is recommended!

Follow the Trail of Matija Vertovec

On the western side of the country, you’ll find the trail of the famed priest, writer and winemaker, Matija Vertovec. The route starts in the village of Ustje, a charming location with various accommodations closeby, such as guest houses and Airbnbs in the nearby town of Ajdovščina, a five-minute drive or half-hour walk away.

On the route, you’ll pass through the village almost immediately south of Ustje called Planina (not to be confused with a village of the same name eight hours away to the east), then through Šmarje and finally the villages of Vrtovče and Tevče.

All in all, the route takes between three and four hours with mostly flat, easy to walk on terrain suitable for pretty much all abilities. The total length of the hike is 18km, but it’ll hardly feel this way as you wind through various hillsides and vineyards admiring the surrounding views.

You could also choose to stop and enjoy a glass or two of wine on the route as many cellars and vineyards will offer taster sessions there and then for thirsty travellers.

Which of these beautiful routes do you think suit you the best? Are you willing to take on the mammoth mountain trail or would you prefer a more leisurely vineyard-laden stroll?

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