Places to Eat and Drink in Marrakech


Places to Eat and Drink in Marrakech

During the day, Marrakech is an exciting, vibrant mixing pot of local market sellers, street food vendors offering delicious home-cooked dishes and other Marrakechis going about their daily business. However, once the sun dips behind the horizon, the atmosphere switches to party mode with visitors and locals alike burning the midnight oil and heading out to their favorite bars and restaurants.

Marrakech has a wealth of fantastic places to eat, drink and socialise so you’ll never have any trouble finding somewhere that suits what you’re looking for. From an authentic Moroccan meal to partying the night through, these locations will give you a night to remember.

Le Comptoir (Comptoir Darna)

One of Marrakech’s shining gems is Le Comptoir, an upmarket location that really must be seen to be believed. The typical crowd is made up of young and beautiful locals, so make sure you dress to impress! During meal times, the restaurant’s atmosphere is relaxing and classy, with traditional folk music drifting through the candlelit dining area played by local musicians.

Food-wise, expect traditional Moroccan style food cooked impeccably. There is a modest vegetarian selection for non-meat eaters along with the expected tagines, seafood dishes and an array of tasty desserts too! To drink, you can enjoy a range of freshly made cocktails to help grease the wheels and continue long into the night.

After dinner is party time, with a flock of belly-dancers descending the stairs, swaying in between the tables to entertain the guests.

You can either choose to stay inside, sipping on exotic cocktails and enjoying the live theatrical performances or head to the patio for some fresh air and a view of the starlit sky.

Prices here are a little higher than you may expect for Marrakech; however, for the whole experience, we think it’s definitely worth it! Reservations should definitely be made in advance to ensure you grab a table for dinner.

Opening Times: Monday – Sunday: 19:00 – 03:00

Le Tanjia

Serving tasty Moroccan food at dinner, Le Tanjia should definitely be on the list when it comes to dining out in Marrakech. Despite being decorated in an oriental style, Le Tanjia is a fresh slice of Morocco, through and through, with the first floor being dedicated to a cigar lounge, bar and hookah pipes. These can be enjoyed either before or after your meal (or both!) as the relaxed atmosphere will guide you effortlessly through the evening and into the wee hours.

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With large portions being served, it’s vital that you arrive with an appetite, with tagines being served almost overflowing with beautifully cooked meat and rice dishes.

The roof terrace can be the ideal retreat after your meal to enjoy some drinks and while away the remainder of the evening. Service here is a little more ‘relaxed’, so we’d suggest doubling up your drinks order, so you don’t end up waiting around for the waiter.

Opening Times: Monday – Sunday 12:00 – 24:00

Café Des Epices

If you’re looking for a bite to eat during the day or something slightly less formal in the evening, then this little café gem is where you should be heading. The café is located at the heart of the city and offers the opportunity for fantastic rooftop views across the medina as you sip on a freshly brewed black coffee. Due to the location, it can often be hectic, especially during peak season, but if you can grab a table with a view, you won’t want to leave!

Whether you’re looking for breakfast, lunch or dinner, the menu caters to all appetites.

Prices are slightly cheaper than other restaurants mentioned on this list, with a reasonable menu offering sandwiches, burgers and tagines. This is the perfect place for a pit stop while exploring the souks, and you can easily spend an hour or two watching the world pass by.

Opening Times: Monday – Sunday: 9:00 – 23:00

Pepe Nero

Designed to cater to those who have either enjoyed one tagine too many or want to explore a new cuisine while staying in Morocco, Pepe Nero is the perfect coming together of two unique styles. With two very distinct menus to those from Il Bel Paese, an Italian influenced selection of dishes that includes pasta, cheese and meat dishes, finished with chocolatey desserts. Or the La Ville Rouge, classic Moroccan style dishes that includes soups, tagines, slow-cooked meats and delicious pastries to finish.

The entrance to the restaurant is subtle and easily missed, located behind a heavy wooden door. Local children may try to fool you by saying that the restaurant has closed unexpectedly, don’t worry, it’ll be open! Perfect for slightly more relaxed evenings as a family or a romantic evening with your partner. The quality of the food and the atmosphere command a somewhat higher price, but it’ll definitely be worth it.

Opening Hours: Tuesday – Sunday: 19:30 – 23:00

: Tuesday – Sunday: 19:30 – 23:00

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Kosy Bar

If you’re looking to recuperate after a long day exploring the city, Kosy Bar is the perfect place to spend an evening relaxing with a cocktail (or four). The roof terrace is undisputedly the best of the three floors available, offering fantastic views as the sun begins to set. Relaxing background music, an extensive wine list and delightful décor await you at this perfect chill-out spot.

Although there is a modest menu offering, we’d suggest heading here to either start or end your evening, grabbing dinner from one of the restaurant locations listed above.

Opening Times: 11:30 – 01:00

Marrakech is a city that should be on everyone’s travel list, with bustling markets and aromas of coffee and spices drifting through the city streets. Why not check out our desert experience for a chance to explore the city, while also seeing the magnificent Sahara Dessert? You can also find lots more information on Morocco on our blog here!

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