Local Flavour: People in Pictures


Local flavour means a number of things to us at Untravelled Paths – delicious cuisine, tradition, and culture but above everything else, it’s about the local people. Of all our collection of locations and experiences we offer, there are three destinations in particular that have an abundance of local flavour and fascinating, beautifully unique people – Morocco, Romania, and Ethiopia.

Here are some of the best pictures we have taken on our research trips. Let us know which you think is the best in the comments section!


Stunning little girl at a drinks stop on the drive up to Oukaïmeden in the Atlas Mountains

Local man playing music at a photo stop just outside of Kashbah Ait Benhaddou

The chairlift operator at Oukaïmeden, Morocco’s very own Ski Resort

Performer in Marrkesh’s famous Jemaa el-Fnaa square

A local berber guide on our camel safari on my very first trip to the Sahara


Young lady wearing traditional head wear at a Sunday service near Breb in Maramures

Wool spinning outside of the Merry Cemetery in the village of Săpânța

Local herder milking his goats in Maramures

Well behaved little boy, dressed in his traditional Sunday best, patiently listening to the priests’ sermon in Maramures

Local lady at the wooden water mill in Sarbi, Maramures


Stunning local lady from the Hamer tribe in the Omo Valley observing a bull jumping ceremony

A lady selling fresh produce at the colourful local market in Harar near the Somali border

The Mursi tribe, arguably the most striking of all the tribes in the Omo Valley

A holy man in Lalibela saying his prayers at the incredible Rock-hewn churches

Another lady from the Hamer tribe while at the Turmi market, the biggest in the Omo Valley

Best of the Rest

The wife of a shepherd in a remote family home in the mountains in Northern Albania

Grandmother and granddaughter doing the family washing in the river in Theth, Albania

Fishermen in the centre of Istanbul in Turkey

Local beekeeper in Montenegro attending to his bees

Fly fishing at the Black lake in Žabljak, Montenegro

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