A Life On Our Planet


With the Coronavirus pandemic putting the entire globe into lockdown in 2020, it has forced many of us to stop, slow down, reflect on what is important. The pandemic has caused death and suffering for many with further inevitable economic repercussions down the line. However, if there is one positive to take from this human disaster, it’s that it has given our planet and all its other inhabitants the opportunity to breathe and thrive in our absence. Now it’s about time all of us seriously start to think about how we live our lives collectively.

With all that in mind, David Attenborough’s newly released “Life on Our Planet” could not be better timed. Genuinely moving, it’s impossible to watch without feeling a sense of responsibility for our planet. It highlights some hard truths that we all have to acknowledge. This makes it tough viewing at times but the film doesn’t just dwell on the depressing issues we all face; it clearly explains the causes but most importantly, highlights how we can fix things and avoid another impending disaster.

This it quite simply a must-watch for everyone. The documentary is now available on Netflix throughout the UK. Don’t miss it!

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