How to Make the Most of Your Time In-Flight


Whether you’re travelling for a couple of hours into a glorious European destination or taking a long-haul flight across the Atlantic, the time you spend onboard a plane can be a fairly dismal one if you don’t come at least a little prepared. Having travelled extensively and taken our fair share of flights, we wanted to impart our favourite in-flight activities for you, so you know how to spend your time on the next flight you take. We’d also be interested to know what your favourite in-flight pastimes are, let us know in the comments on Facebook and Twitter!

Make a Bulletproof Itinerary

Whether you’re travelling for work or for pleasure, chances are there’ll be some things you want to tick off the list while in your destination. Spending your in-flight time organising and reorganising how you’ll spend your time will ensure you tick all the boxes when you’ve touched down. If you’re planning to visit multiple attractions, why not group them by location to save on travel costs while you’re there? Visit two close-by places in one day rather than two consecutive days so you don’t have to make the same trip twice! That said, if you’ve booked one of our Slovenia summer holidays, the plans will already be taken care of, so you can use your time for something else!

Learn Some of the Local Language

Typically, when you fly to another country, you’ll be landing somewhere that doesn’t speak your language, so why not use the time onboard to brush up on your conversation? Using an app such as Duolingo is a great (and free) way to learn some basic words and phrases. It’s got a great layout and is very user-friendly which means you’ll be having a simple conversation by the time you land. We also featured a bunch of other useful apps in a recent article here.

Catch Up on Podcasts

The podcast market has grown massively over the past few years, with loads more people listening to their favourite shows, either through Apple Podcasts, Spotify or other podcast platforms. Whether you like listening to interviews with your favourite actors, musicians or sportspeople, learning about a particular topic or being entertained by the multiple fictitious series, there will be something for you. The beauty of podcasts is the ability to listen anywhere, even without an internet connection which makes them ideal for consuming during a flight. If you want to get into the travel mood, check out our list of travel podcasts that we’d thoroughly recommend!

Binge Watch Your Favourite Shows

The amount of TV shows available now is truly staggering! With Netflix, Now TV and other providers offering overflowing catalogues of brilliant shows, the choice truly is mind-boggling. Both Netflix and Now TV offer the option to download episodes for offline consumption which means you can watch while you’re anywhere, without an active internet connection.

Disconnect With a Great Book

When you’re up at 40,000 feet, there are few better opportunities to truly disconnect from the outside world and dive into a great book. An old-school favourite for many veteran flyers, bringing a top-notch paperback onboard is a great way to pass the time of the flight. In the modern world, books can often be left for ‘another day’, as we convince ourselves that we’ll read them at some point, well that point is now! Whether it’s an exciting new release or a popular classic, we always make sure we have a great book packed.

Take an Online Course

Following on from learning some of the local language, why not expand your horizons and start taking an online course? Providers such as Udemy offer a fantastic range of courses, all at reasonable prices and will have you perfecting a new skill in no time! Other providers such as Masterclass have celebrity professionals teach you their craft and share a unique insight into their world. Gordan Ramsay, Samuel L. Jackson and Malcolm Gladwell all have courses, with loads of others to choose from. You can download the courses for offline consumption so watching in-flight can be a great way to get started.

Peruse the Latest News Articles

For those that don’t like to be out of the loop, Pocket is a great app that allows you to download news articles and webpages and save them for offline consumption. Whether you’re on a desktop, laptop or mobile device, it’s super easy to save the item to return to later. This is great for when you don’t have time to read the piece there and then and don’t want to lose it.

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