The Most Photogenic Places in Montenegro


Chances are you’ve seen pictures of Montenegro, more than likely without even realising that what you were looking at was the small Balkan nation. Maybe you were daydreaming after having seen a photo depicting crystal clear sea with a Mediterranean village backdrop or lusting for adventure having seen bright blue sky overlaid with rugged mountain trails. Either way, there is a strong possibility that the source for these cravings was a photo on Montenegro. Still relatively unknown to the mainstream travel world, Montenegro is a true gem, a diamond in the rough, and one that has some truly breathtaking locations. In this article, we explore some of the most photogenic places in the country.

Kotor Bay

Starting with perhaps one of the most photographed places, Montenegro’s Kotor Bay is characterised by beautiful crystal clear water, brick-red rooftops and medieval architecture enveloped by the rugged mountains that surround the bay. The town is a picturesque holiday destination and will offer the chance to escape and relax before heading back to the ‘real’ world!


A gorgeous coastal town, Budva sits at the edge of the land looking out across the Adriatic Sea. The town is known for its beaches and nightlife, with plenty of waterfront cafes, bars and restaurants to chose from. Budva is also a town rich with history, with various monument and churches scattered throughout its winding streets. In the summer, you’ll never struggle for something to do as there are numerous live performances happening throughout the town.

Sveti Stefan

Moving down the coast from Budva, the small islet resort of Sveti Stefan is hugely popular with photographers, mainly due to the unique shape and design of the area. Connected to the mainland by a small bridge, the apartments on the islet are treated to an almost 360-degree view out to sea along with the use of the beach; a stone’s thrown from the apartment buildings.


The Komovi mountain range is located in the eastern region of Montenegro, close to the Lim and Tara rivers. Ripe for exploring and perfect for getting away from the more crowded coastal areas, the mountain range can provide the backdrop for some enviable holiday snaps. We’d recommend venturing to either of the rivers that neighbour the range as you’ll be rewarded with fresh and clean blue-green water running from the mountains, perfect for a paddle on a hot day!

Djurdjevica Tara Bridge

Image Source: Alex Alishevskikh

Following the Tara river to the north of the country, you’ll find the Djurdjevica Tara Bridge, a mammoth concrete structure originally built between 1937 and 1940. The bridge is over 360 metres long and the roadway stands 172 metres from the riverbed below. If driving over the bridge doesn’t provide the thrill you’re looking for, then why not try zip-lining from one side to the other?

The Black Lake

Nestled in the Durmitor National Park, Black Lake is the largest of the 18 glacial lakes located in the park. Visitors have the chance to enjoy a beautiful circular walking route around the lake with various stopping points that are perfect for getting the camera out and taking some snaps. The lake and surrounding park is an example of nature that has not been touched by commercialisation so will provide a refreshing and detoxing experience.

Skadar Lake

Image Source: Jan Vanaverbeke

Shared by the two countries of Albania and Montenegro, the Skadar Lake, named after the city of Shkoder in the north of Albania, is the largest lake in Southern Europe. It covers an area 370 square kilometres and has a long shoreline that runs adjacent to the coastal shoreline towards the south of Montenegro. Because of the geology of the land, the area of the lake can increase up to 530 square kilometres meaning that depending on the time of year you visit, you’ll likely have a different view than the other seasons.

Pavlova Strana

A small offshoot of the Skadar Lake is the Pavlova Strana. This is an area of the lake where the Rijeka Crnojevica river joins and flows along a horseshoe-shaped bend. The result is something truly magical; a lush green hill rising from the bending river set to a backdrop of green mountains and clear skies.

Durmitor National Park

A vast expanse of outstanding natural beauty located in the north of the country, the Durmitor National Park is Montenegro’s answer to Snowdonia. Home to more than 45 peaks that reach at least 2000m, the varied and rugged land of Durmitor of something truly special. The park draws visitors all year round, with skiers and snowboarders making the trip during the winter, and hikers, swimmers and other outdoor sport enthusiasts flocking during the summer. The park has a number of attractions, however, we’d recommend visiting the Tara Canyon; a deep valley that has been carved by the Tara River revealing an unbelievable spectacle and well worth the visit! We’d also suggest driving the Trsa road, which winds its way through the mountains allowing visitors an amazing 360-degree panorama.

Located towards the north of the country, near to the Bosnia and Sarajevo border, Lake Piva is a reservoir that covers 12.5 square kilometres. Surrounded by rocky mountains, the lake is the ideal location for a day-trip or could easily be a base for a couple of days. Visitors typically enjoy swimming in the lake, kayaking and taking part in other adventure sports.

If you’re looking to travel somewhere different, why not try this beautiful country? Our experience holidays will give you a chance to experience the best of the country, from the rugged mountainous inland areas to the idyllic Kotor Bay, Montenegro will have something for everyone!

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