Where to go after the Pandemic


With vaccines being rolled out across the UK there finally appears to be light at the end of the rather long and virus-infected tunnel we find ourselves in. So as we all start to daydream about the adventures we’ll take when it’s safe enough to travel we thought we’d have a look at the different categories Untravelled Paths has to offer. So whether you’re looking for a once in a lifetime experience, want to get outdoors and get close to nature or want to make up for your recent lack of travel with an Epic Journey you’ll find something to suit you. 

For Once in a Lifetime

Drift over the stunning landscape in Cappadocia on the Hot Air Balloon Experience.

Are you looking to spoil that special someone in your life? Why not take them on one of our unforgettable Once in a Lifetime Experiences. We have so many unique adventures from marvelling at the Northern Lights from a glass igloo to watching the sunset over the sand dunes of the Sahara or sleeping in a hotel made entirely of ice. So take a look at these extraordinary travel experiences and let us know if you find the right one for you! See more

For the Great Outdoors

The breathtaking scenery on the Koman Ferry during the Albanian Alps Experience.

With almost all of us having to endure lockdowns and being cooped up indoors, I think it’s safe to say we are all in need of getting out and enjoying the Great Outdoors! Enjoy the fresh clean air of one of Europe’s greenest countries in Slovenia, hike the dramatic, stunning Accursed Mountains in Albania or White Water Raft the blue glacial waters of the Montenegrin mountains. We have an array of breathtaking outdoor trips so please take a look. See more…

For Local Flavour

The beautiful old town of Mostar on The Mini Bosnia Experience.

If you’re the type of traveller who likes to get under the skin of a country and try to understand what makes it tick then our Local Flavour Experiences are ideal for you. Learn about the fascinating history and culture of Sarajevo, follow in the footsteps of the legendary Vlad Tepes (aka Dracula), learn from local tribes in Ethiopia or get the taste buds flowing with the delicious fresh cuisine of southern Italy. We have so many memorable cultural holidays so please do take a peek. See more…

For Nature & Wildlife

Spot one of Europe’s biggest mammals on the Brown Bear Experience.

Nature and wildlife are one of the few things that have really thrived from the restricted movement of its greatest threat – we humans! So Step Into the Wild and appreciate all that is around us from the Brown Bears of Transylvania, the Iberian Lynx in southern Spain, the gentle giant Basking Sharks migrating past Scotland or the hundreds of different birds that inhabit the Danube Delta in the summer. For all this and so much more have a browse through our wildlife trips. See more

For a Mini Adventure

Enjoy a sunset camel ride on the Mini Sahara Desert Experience.

If you like to travel a little but often then our Mini Adventures range will work perfectly for you! Mini Adventures are between 2-4 nights allowing you to take a minimal amount of time off work and then really ensure you make the very most of your time away. So if you fancy a weekend visiting an Ice Hotel, watching Brown Bears or sleeping under the stars in the desert then have a look through our incredible range of short adventures. See more

For an Epic Journey

Explore the alien-like landscape of the Danakil Depression on the Extreme Ethiopia Experience.

Are you looking to celebrate the end of travel restrictions and lockdowns with a mega-adventure somewhere a world away from home? Look no further than our Epic Journey collection. Each of our two-week Epic Journeys is jam-packed with incredible activities and generally have a little bit of everything allowing you to see the very best the destination has to offer. Journey through the countries absorbing the local flavour, great outdoors, nature and wildlife and incredible once in a lifetime experiences. Like the sound of that? For inspiration have a look at our epic adventures. See more…

For further travel inspiration please come and have a look at the Untravelled Paths website.

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