Top 5 Family Experiences


There’s nothing more special than sharing an amazing and memorable experience with those closest to you, especially for those of us that have children. Given that travelling with children, although rewarding, is far from cheap it’s all the more important to ensure you pick the right holiday for your family. Below we listed five of Untravelled Paths best family-friendly experiences.

Into The Wild – The Brown Bear Experience

When to travel: May half-term, Summer holidays, October half-term

One of Untravelled Paths most popular trips. The 4-night Brown Bear Experience is a mini adventure packed full of family-friendly activities. Visit Dracula’s Castle, see the rescued bears at the Libearty Bear Sanctuary, explore the great outdoors on the wildlife hike and picnic excursion and of course marvel at the mighty brown bear in the wild at the bear hide. Ideal for children of most ages as long as they can keep quiet when patiently to see of Europe’s biggest mammals. Find out more…

Great Outdoors – The Montenegro Experience

When to travel: May half-term, Summer holidays, October half-term

Montenegro is small but impressive, it offers beaches, beautiful Venetian towns, vast mountains and all within a couple hours drive. Montenegro is a true outdoor destination with plenty for children to do. Kotor Bay and the Montenegrin coastline give visitors a chance to enjoy the crystal clear waters and once in the mountains, there is an array of activities from zip-lining, hiking to white water rafting. Our 7-night Montenegro Experience gives you the opportunity to see and do it all. Find out more

Once In a Lifetime – The Ice Hotel Experience

When to travel: Festive holidays, February half-term

An undoubted favourite and our the original Untravelled Paths experience, The Ice Hotel Experience is truly unforgettable. A 4-night mini-adventure with a unique combination of a city break, some history and culture and the once in a lifetime stay in the Hotel of Ice. For children, it’s essentially a much cooler (quite literally) version of camping and the winter activities such as snowmobiling, tubing and sledging offer plenty to keep them occupied. Find out more…

Epic Journey – The South Africa Experience

When to travel: Festive holidays, Easter holidays

For those who have not visited the Rainbow nation, it might seem an unlikely choice given the way the country is reported internationally. However, our incredible 14-night South Africa Experience only takes you to the best and safest areas of the country. South Africa has a huge amount to offer to both parents and children to be enjoyed together – the penguins of boulders beach turn many an adult into a little child! Then throw in the sweeping, white beaches, gorgeous weather, breathtaking scenery, delicious food and a never to be forgotten safari. South Africa isn’t the cheapest destination to fly (unless you have Airmiles) but its worth remembering it is exceptional value when there. Find out more…

Local Flavour – The Transylvania Experience

When to travel: May half-term, Summer holidays, October half-term

Famous for being the home of Dracula, Transylvania offers far more than his legend. The 7-night journey through Carpathian mountains showcasing some of the best Romania’s most popular region has to offer. Beautiful rural countryside, colourful matchbox pretty medieval town, an abundance of nature and wildlife along with local traditions that make you feel like you’ve stepped back in time. It’s a great opportunity to for children to put down their modern appliances and get back to basics – learn to milk a cow, make bread, ride a horse and cart. Find out more…

If you see an experience that you’re interested in joining or if you’d like us to organise a bespoke family holiday for you then please get in touch via or call us on 020 7101 4061 and discuss with one of our team.

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