Untravelled Paths is an innovative young travel company that specialises in combining unique experiences with unusual destinations. We believe buying experiences is more important than buying things. That’s why all our experiences are filled with original and memorable moments to share with the people you love making them life-long purchases that get even better with time.

Something Different: Our unique experiences provide you with something different and range from tracking bears in the wild and spending the night in a hotel made of ice to living like a peasant for a week, skiing in Africa and sleeping under the Sahara stars.

Somewhere Different: Our unusual destinations allow you to travel somewhere different and constitute either entire unexplored countries like Albania and Romania to the less travelled parts of better known countries such as the untouched heel of Italy.

Someone Different: Unlike other tour operators, our team is tiny. Don’t let this put you off though, for what we lack in manpower, we more than make up for in enthusiasm, passion and downright dedication. We pride ourselves on being able to add a more personal touch to the way we do things.




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The brains behind the operation.

James dreamed up Untravelled Paths while sitting behind a desk in a London city job that was high on money, long on hours and low on fun. After a trip to the Ice Hotel in Romania, the light bulb finally went on. Now despite even longer hours, less spending money and more jet lag, James can’t complain.


The innovator.

If there’s a box around, Marion won’t be in it. Constantly thinking of new ideas, Marion is the company’s creative cog and general organising fiend. If she’s not planning what Untravelled Paths will do next she’ll probably be on her yoga mat. Standing on her head.


The wonder woman.

You’re unlikely to find Cristina sitting down. Ever. Rushed off her feet, available day and night, solving problems left right and centre, Cristina is our personal brand of fairy godmother. She may be small but, be warned, she is as mighty as they come.


The man with many talents.

A hit with everyone we know, we’re yet to meet someone who hasn’t become an immediate fan of Marius. Aside from going above and beyond to make sure clients are happy and trips run smoothly, Marius manages to juggle work, play and drumming in a heavy metal band all at the same time.


The bright spark.

Ioana is the UTP team’s newest member. Young, fun and kind, Ioana is always one step ahead of the game with her head and heart exactly where they need to be at exactly the right time. Unless of course there’s a good novel around in which case please don’t bother her!


The thinker. 

There are two things you’ll learn very quickly about Ilija. Firstly, he is tall. Very tall, like his Montenegrin counterparts. Second is that dull conversations simply don’t exist when Ilija is around… so long as you don’t mention football. That’s the third thing you’ll learn… Ilija may well be Liverpool’s biggest fan!



Our Personal Recommendations

Our experiences are paired with boutique and quirky accommodation choices that are never bland or lacking in character. We also provide all of our guests with on-location recommendations for activities, sights, bites and highlights that are not only distinctive and interesting but have been handpicked personally by the team.

Our Trip Assistance Options

Our experiences offer three different levels of assistance-based needs to suit both your style of travel to the type of location you’ll be visiting. Our Hands-On experiences mean you’ll be looked after from beginning to end with a full-time bi-lingual guide to accompany you throughout your trip. Helping-Hand experiences get the balance between being looked after and being able to enjoy some independent time to explore just right with private drivers transferring you from one place to another and booklets and information packs to help you decide what you’d like to see and do, and where you’d like to eat. Our Hands-Off experiences offer a greater amount of independence and flexibility with fly and drive options and logistic handling that takes the hassle out of all the organisation.

Our Hands-On Approach

Each and every single one of our experiences has been personally handpicked and developed by James and Marion who make a point of living in each of the destinations to get a better understanding of the way each country works and to ensure everything runs smoothly.

Our Inspiring Website

We’ve lovingly designed our website to make it as easy and enjoyable to use as possible. When it comes to holidays we’re not sure people know exactly what it is they’re looking for which makes our layout super handy allowing you to search for experiences in a new way. Whether you’re just looking to get away for a long weekend, you know you want to visit Romania in the summer or you’d like to purchase an experience for your other half as a gift we’ve got all bases covered. Our experience profiles and highlights are highly visual and informative allowing you to get a feel for the trip as a whole so you know it’s the right fit for your travel personality, group size or personal preference.

Our Feedback

‘UTP = Urgently To Promote’

A company doing it the right way. From my initial enquiry about the holiday to coming home everything was seamless. You guys bend over backwards and are a model example to much bigger companies on how to do it. 

‘Excellent way to do a tour – tailor-made for you’ 

‘Superb experience – felt really taken care of and was great value for money’

‘Great personal treatment with people that care’

‘Really well put together, interesting itineraries with guests well looked after’

‘We loved the personal and energetic feel of the four. An excellent team!’

‘Outstanding. Excellent, personal service, accommodating and outstandingly helpful. We hope Untravelled Paths manages to retain its marvellous personal ‘feel’ and attention to detail’

“A very different type of holiday, really enjoyable experience.” 

“So nice not to be treated like a child by a tour company” 

“Never to be forgotten.” 

“Well organized. Takes all the stress and hassle out of visiting diverse locations. Not a bad word to say!”



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