Top Winter Lapland Activities


Top Winter Lapland Activities

As far as winter dreamlands go, it’s hard to argue against Lapland being a top contender. This northern remote forested land of Finland combines it all – serene landscapes, out of the (glass) box accommodations, and centuries-old traditions. And the Northern Lights, of course, should you be so lucky to catch them.

And while you’re out there hoping to catch a glimpse, here are some activities that will truly enhance your trip.

Husky sledging (left) and snowmobiling (right)


For me, Lapland is one of the most magical locations to drive a team of Huskies. You are surrounded by the perfect snow-covered landscape, crisp refreshing air, and a completely quiet, tranquil environment. Make sure you wrap up, though, as once the dogs get going, the wind chill is pretty intense!


For those who like to rev an engine and be in control, then snowmobiling is likely to be right for you. Similar to the husky sledging, you are surrounded by a magical winter wonderland but you’ll be going a little bit quicker and certainly making more noise.

Ski lifts (left) and an outdoor hot tub (right)


Finland may not be a premier location for skiing due to its relatively flat landscape but it’s definitely worth a day or two of skiing. Immaculate slops, never overcrowded like you’ll find in the popular destinations in the Alps and snow is pretty reliable in the winter season.


What better way to finish your day than with a relaxing soak in an outdoor hot tub, ideally with a drink in hand. The only catch is that you may never want to get out as it’s likely to be quite literally freezing outside!

Ice Restaurant (left) and a traditional Lappish dinner (right)


Ice Bars, Restaurants, and Hotels are relatively common in Lapland so wherever you go you’re likely to have the opportunity to either stay or visit. We recommend visiting for dinner if you’ve not eaten in an Ice Restaurant before. This will allow you to have a drink at the Ice Bar, just before or after, and take in the super-cool surroundings. Beyond dinner, from our experience, the Ice Hotels in Lapland are a little lacking in atmosphere – the bar is also only open for a limited period. If you’re looking for intimacy and atmosphere, we’d highly recommend our Ice Hotel Experience in Transylvania, Romania.


This is way more than just a dinner, this is Lappish traditions combined with authentic, delicious food, so you’ll need to be prepared. You’ll get to experience the traditional wood-burning Finnish sauna, rotated with sporadic, and in my case, pretty swift dips in the ice lake “pool” (see article lead image). Once you’ve finished that, you well and truly feel you have earned your delicious traditional Lappish dinner by the cosy fire.

Santa Clause Village (left) and reindeer sledging (right)


If you are travelling with young children then a trip to the Santa Claus village is likely to make their holiday, if not their whole year! Be sure to check that he’ll be there, though, as he’s busy and not available all year round! Beyond that, the theme park has an Ice Bar, Ice slides for tubing, restaurants, and shops. There is also Reindeer sledging – see below.


Ideal for the very young or the elder travellers as it’s much more leisurely than Husky sledging. You’ll still get to enjoy the stunning snow-covered landscape and fresh air. The reindeer are also very cute and if you ask, you can have the opportunity to feed them.

Lapland is the perfect winter wonderland, a truly magical environment with an array of epic activities and let’s not forget the Northern Lights! If you are interested in visiting Lapland, then keep a look-out for our Lapland Experience in Finland which is due to be released very soon! Watch this space.

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